Liveaboard Diving in Third Encounter

What To Expect On A Third Encounter liveaboard

Third Encounter liveaboard diving allows divers to explore this is a majestic yet eerie dive site; a set of pinnacles created by the volcanic activity here in this part of the Caribbean Sea. Situated half a mile off the West coast of Saba, the sheer size of these pinnaces is incredible, pushing up from 2000 ft deep and rising to 70-100ft. Shaped like a horseshoe this site encapsulates a great volcanic structure of a different pinnacle - The Eye of the Needle - that rises up to a point at about 80 ft. The clear waters here allow you to get a glimpse deep beyond your diving limits and see down into the depths below whilst on your Third Encounter liveaboard. Imagine the experience of descending upon an underwater mountain summit and not even knowing above the water that it exists. This is the feeling that gives this Saba & St. Kitts dive site its mysterious vibe.

What You Can See

As you dive down to a depth of over 100 ft, you will find you come across a vast array of corals both hard and soft, barrel sponges and other delights completely covering the rock formations down here. Almost too cramped in and fighting for space the life, which has attached itself to these pinnacles is incredible. If the mysterious and beautiful underwater pinnacles at this site do not leave you in awe of this diving experience then you certainly will not be let down by the sea life it has to offer.

Due to the volcanic rock formations, underwater this site is rich with life. Thriving corals and sponges cover this site offering a great deal of shelter and protection for all sorts of sea creatures. This dive site is covered in many different species of hard and soft coral including a forest of gorgonians. As well as all this you also have a deep ocean current bringing in the larger groupers, sharks, and turtles. You may get lucky and spot a blacktip reef shark with schools of Jackfish in their choice of habitat. You will find the rock face covered in schools of fish and easily come by snapper and angelfish in amongst the corals and sponges. Don't forget to have a good look inside the cracks and crevices of these volcanic formations with your torch as many tiny little critters like to seek refuge from predators in these great hideaways.

During a Third Encounter liveaboard trip, divers can expect to complete up to 5 dives per day, including night dives.

Getting To Third Encounter

Because of the location Third Encounter, Saba & St. Kitts liveaboard is the best way to explore the area, and boats depart from St. Kitts or St. Maarten every Saturday. These islands can be reached both direct internationally and from the USA with WINair or Liat airlines. When you reach St. Kitts take a taxi to downtown Basseterre.

Third Encounter Diving Reviews

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  • 9.2 Superb
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It was very good with lots of marine life, such as lobsters, eels, and nurse sharks.

Diving Third Encounter in May on the Caribbean Explorer II