Adventure Cruises in Pearl Islands

A Pearl Islands Cruise is a popular trip, either on its own or as part of a longer voyage from Panama to Costa Rica. The beautiful Pearl Islands Archipelago, located in the Gulf of Panama, is made up of around 200 small islands and islets. Most have no human inhabitation but are veritable havens for wildlife. Often used as film locations for reality TV shows, you may recognize some of the landscapes already.

Cruises to the Pearl Islands, Panama, incorporate plenty of fun activities and time for relaxation. Photogenic and picturesque, the islands boast pristine sandy shores that are lapped by crystalline warm waters. A stunning backdrop is provided by emerald patches of foliage and rocky volcanic terrain. Contadora Island is a playground for the affluent, boasting many lavish homes.

Top things to do and see in Pearl Islands

An awesome destination for nature lovers, active adventurers, photography buffs, and those who are in search of a little R&R whilst exploring somewhere different, there are many great things to see and do on a cruise around Panama’s Pearl Islands. Also known as Las Perlas, Panama, highlights of a cruise include:

White Sand Beach Islands - Stroll along gorgeous sandy beaches and admire the postcard-worthy views. Layout your towel and bask in the sun’s warming rays as you work on your tan or immerse yourself in a good book. Paddle in the deliciously warm waters or maybe practice your breaststroke in the calm sea. With so many beaches to choose between, it’s not difficult to find your own perfect little piece of quiet paradise. There’s no denying that the heavenly beaches of the Pearl Islands are very, very tempting!

Snorkeling - Snorkeling offers the ideal way to appreciate the underwater world that is teeming with life. Be enchanted as large schools of fish swim by, some aflame with vibrant colors. The harmless but ferocious-looking whale shark may make you gasp, and other aquatic life includes manta rays and sea turtles.

Fishing - Try your hand at catching dinner whilst on a Pearl Islands boat cruise; it’s a rare treat for angling enthusiasts. Cast your rod, be patient, and see what you can hook. Sports fishing is one of the most popular activities on a Panama cruise, and blue and black marlin are particularly plentiful in the waters. Tuna, sailfish, and wahoo swim close to the surface, whilst roosterfish, red snapper, mero, and corvina are amongst the fish that prefer to live deeper and close to the bottom of the ocean.

Hiking - The rocky and deserted terrains of the Pearl Islands are great for active hiking. Get up close to nature and wildlife and admire many spectacular views. Follow remote jungle trails, winding your way through the dense growth, and be guided by knowledgeable professionals who can tell you more about the terrain and ecology. Small creatures scuttle through the undergrowth and there are many bird sounds floating through the air.

Kayaking and Paddleboarding - Adventure cruises in and around the Caribbean Sea offer varied activities. Explore the islands by kayak or have a go at paddleboarding - each offers plenty of fun and opportunities to discover.

Wildlife Spotting - Summer is the best time to see dolphins and humpback whales. Playful bottlenose dolphins may swim close to your boat, and you can watch out for the spurts of water that mark the presence of whales. Whales breed in the waters around the Pearl Islands. The waters are also home to abundant marine life, including fish and sea turtles, some of which are endangered. Bird lovers can see a range of wading birds and flying birds, and vibrant parrots are a true delight to see in the wild. Listen for the hoot of owls at nighttime. Wild boars, deer, anteaters, iguanas, and other small reptiles roam the lands.

Top Tips for visiting Pearl Islands on a cruise

  • Pack your wet weather gear if visiting the Pearl Islands during the rainy season.
  • You might find it more comfortable to take your own Snorkeling gear.
  • Definitely do not forget your camera! Keep the batteries charged and your equipment to hand at all times. A tripod can help to get the best landscape pictures.

Best time to cruise through the Pearl Islands

Panama’s dry season is from mid-December to mid-April. This is also the most popular time to visit, so plan ahead and book your cruise through the Pearl Islands in plenty of time to make sure you secure your desired dates. April to November in the Pearl Islands can be quite rainy, with short storms and showers common. The wet season is the best time to cruise the Pearl Islands if you are hoping to see humpback whales though. October is generally the wettest month. Cruises through the Pearl Islands are available all throughout the year, with pretty consistent temperatures at all times. Autumn and spring generally have the best deals and smaller crowds.

Where do Pearl Islands cruises depart from?

Panama adventure cruises to the Pearl Islands depart from various points in Panama and Costa Rica, with Colon and Flamenco Marina (Panama City) the main departure points in Panama, and Costa Rican departure points being Puntarenas and Herradura.

Tocumen International Airport (PTY) in Panama City is the primary airport for accessing your Pearl Islands cruise. It is easy to reach all cruise points from the airport, and there are regular flights to and from numerous global destinations.

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