Adventure Cruises in Perast

In Montenegro, small ship cruises will invariably make a stop at the beautiful ancient town of Perast. Standing proudly on the dramatic coastline of the Bay of Kotor, the city is famed for its Venetian style architecture and breathtaking views. Although a small town, visitors can visit sixteen different churches and enjoy the relaxed vibes at the beach and waterfront. The city is also famous for its views of the two curious islands in the bay, the Isle of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks.

For small ship cruises, Perast offers a tranquil and beautiful spot to dock and spend the night. The town is small and therefore limited in how many people can stay, making it an ideal stop off for a small ship cruise. Enjoy a day and a laid-back evening taking in the sights and sounds of this historic town.

Top things to do and see in Perast

Perast, like many of the stop-offs on a small ship cruise of Montenegro, is steeped in rich maritime history. However, Perast enjoys something quite special in the two tiny islands, one man-made, the other natural, that both sit just off her coast. Guests can visit both of these islets during a visit to Perast. It is possible to land on Our Lady of the Rocks and see the church and attached museum which is full of quirky artifacts and interesting stories. The other, the Isle of St. George, is closed to the public, as it houses a monastery, but this beautiful secluded spot can be viewed from a small ship cruise boat. For something extra special try visiting at sunset on July 22nd. There is a special local event where vividly decorated local boats drop a new stone at Our Lady of the Rocks to add to the artificial island. Interestingly, the entire islet was built by this method of dropping rocks from fishing boats.

Taking a stroll around the old town of Perast is an experience in and of itself. The streets are lined with fine examples of traditional architecture and elaborate miniature palaces built by the wealthy fishermen who once called the town their home port. Particularly impressive is Sveti Nikola with its huge bell tower, which you might see against the mountain backdrop from your cruise boat before you even set foot on land. A walk along the shoreline at Perast will also take visitors to the Baroque Town Museum, filled with fascinating artifacts telling the long and tempestuous history of the town.

At the end of a day of exploring, there are a number of different bars and restaurants to enjoy on the seafront of Perast. One of the most famous, the Pirate Bar, is on the tiny beach area of the town. The beach, just like the town itself, is small but beautiful with only a strip of sand and a vibrant and fun atmosphere. The perfect spot to enjoy a drink and a swim in the crystal clear waters around the beach and sunbathing area.

Best time to cruise Perast

With a balmy Mediterranean climate, the area around Perast is at its best between April and October. Those who prefer slightly cooler days might find that June or September suit them best. These are also good months to avoid any crowds. Although Montenegro is a relatively tranquil place, the height of summer is, of course, busier with local people and visitors from other countries. The weather is also hotter and sun-worshipers will find long sunny days with temperatures of 30 degrees or more, ideal for making use of the sun deck of a small ship cruise. It is also worth noting that during the summer there are also several local festivals which visitors can experience including the boat procession to Our Lady of the Rocks and the associated regatta through the bay.

Top tips for visiting Perast on a cruise

  • During the hotter months, it is a good idea to do any walking around the town in the early hours or evening time, to avoid the heat. For the hotter afternoon hours, a visit to the beautiful, and air conditioned,  Baroque Museum is time well spent.
  • For the best viewpoints of Perast and the islets, head to the fifty-five meter high bell tower of Sveti Nikola or the balcony of the Baroque Museum.
  • There are only a few restaurants in the town, with the most spectacular views being from those on the seafront. There is also a small mini-market in the town for refreshments whilst exploring.

Where do Perast cruises depart from?

Most small ship cruises to Perast depart from the post town of Tivat. The town has its own international airport with departures from many European hubs. Tivat itself is well worth visiting before embarking on a small ship cruise in Montenegro, with beautiful historic architecture and an impressive superyacht marina.