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Adventure Cruises in Montenegro

Situated in the South of the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is a beautiful country with lots to offer travellers wishing to discover this hidden gem in the Mediterranean.

With the breathtaking coastal beauty of a northern fjord, numerous fascinating archaeological sites, and rugged countryside, cruising Montenegro is a well-kept secret of the Adriatic. The country is fairly small but rich in culture, and the people are warm and welcoming to those who visit to admire their beautiful part of the world. Dotted along the coast, often on some precarious coastal mountainsides, Montenegro’s cities and towns are full of history and lively nightlife. Due to the often steep coast, traveling through Montenegro by land can be time-consuming and involve some dizzying heights.

The topography and a wide range of delightful small marinas make a small ship cruise through Montenegro one of the easiest and best ways to see as much of the coast as possible. In the more remote regions, easily accessed by small cruise ships, there are opportunities for adventure: kayaking, horse riding, and even white water rafting. One of the greatest joys of Montenegro small ship cruises is that this area is still somewhat unknown to tourists. This means visitors can have all the beauty and adventure of the coast, primarily to themselves.

The Best Areas to Visit in Montenegro

Kotor: Sitting neatly between the mountains and the sea, visiting the ancient city of Kotor is a step back in time. The walled interior of the old city is a time capsule, winding cobbled lanes to get lost in, lined with tiny street cafes and quirky shops. For those who love nature more than civilization, several beautiful hikes in the mountainous area start directly behind the city. Small ship cruises in Montenegro will be moored in the tranquil bay with a dramatic view of the city and surrounding mountains. Kotor is often the return port on a small ship cruise around the coast of Montenegro, with departures leaving from Tivat.

Budva: Alongside the steep and dramatic coastline, cruises in Montenegro will also take in the beautiful Budva Riviera. This lower-lying stretch of shoreline offers long sandy beaches and rolling green hills for hiking. Small ship cruises to Budva will allow guests to hop off at the port and enjoy the beaches, citadel, and vibrant nightlife, then escape to the peace and comfort of the cruise ship at the end of the day or night.

Sveti Stefan: To the southeast of Budva, perched on the coast, is the tiny islet of Sveti Stefan. Once a little city community, the islet is now entirely a luxury hotel favored by the rich and famous. Although the island is private for hotel guests, small ship cruises can pass on the seaward side to view this special place. Guided tours of the island are also available to a small number of visitors each day.

Bar: Famed for its long beaches and plentiful archaeological sites, the region of Bar is a popular stop-off point on small ship cruises of Montenegro. Cruises take guests to see some of the region's highlights, including several palaces, fortresses, and twenty beautiful beaches along its shore.

Lustica Bay: Nestled on the peninsula between the Bay of Kotor and the Adriatic Sea, Lustica Bay offers small cruise ship guests glorious views of both sides of Montenegro's coast. The peaceful marina makes for a beautiful stopping point, allowing guests to explore the Zanjice beach and take the chance to swim in the region’s crystal-clear waters.

Herceg Novi: Also ideally located for small ship visits, Herceg Novi is on the edge of the Bay of Kotor and is home to several small but beautiful beaches. The region around the town is very popular with local and international visitors thanks to the healing sea mud and natural springs at nearby Igalo.

Perast: Perast town is a frequent stop-off for small ship cruises in the narrowest part of the Bay of Kotor. The area is particularly famous for the two small islets of St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks, almost entirely occupied by a church, monastery, and attached museum.

Bigova: The tiny fishing village of Bigova is a popular stop for yachts and small cruise ships, thanks to its beautiful marina. This is an opportunity for cruise guests to experience a small, traditional Montenegran coastal village. With only two small local restaurants and a shop, Bigova is a peaceful and intimate experience of the local culture.

The Best Time to Cruise Montenegro

Montenegro enjoys a Mediterranean climate with long, hot summer days and a cool but pleasant Spring and Autumn. The peak season for Montenegro cruises is from May to September; during this period, the waters remain warm for swimming, and the days are sunny with cool, balmy evenings. During the Spring, there are often numerous beautiful celebrations for Orthodox Easter. Visit around this time to enjoy these colorful and fascinating events.

How to Get to Montenegro

Reaching Montenegro for a small ship cruise is relatively easy despite the country's small size; there are two international airports at Tivat and Podgorica. Alternatively, visitors can fly to the international airports of Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia and cross the nearby border into Montenegro.

Where do Montenegro cruises depart from?

The main departure point for Montenegro cruises is the beautiful coastal city of Tivat. With a substantial yacht marina and an international airport, this is an excellent point to embark on a small ship cruise in Montenegro.

Montenegro Cruise Tips

  • Montenegro enjoys a long and warm summer; those who prefer cooler weather might find May and September more comfortable.
  • If you plan hiking during your cruise, remember that although the coast is warm and dry in summer, the mountain climate can be slightly different. Don't forget to bring a warm jacket just in case.

Montenegro's small ship cruises offer an unparalleled opportunity to explore its stunning topography and charming marinas. With its remote regions easily accessible by small cruise ships, adventurers can indulge in thrilling activities such as kayaking, horse riding, and even white water rafting. One of the most significant advantages of embarking on a Montenegro small ship cruise is the sense of exclusivity, as this coastal gem remains largely undiscovered by tourists. Visitors can relish the untouched beauty and exhilarating adventures while enjoying a peaceful atmosphere away from the crowds.

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