Liveaboard Diving in Jeep Reef

The Jeep Reef is one of the many spectacular dive sites the Exuma Cays in the Bahamas offers. It is located right in the middle of the Exuma Land and Sea Park. This reef is one of the most flourishing you will come across and the reason for this, is there is a constant current flowing over it. However, it is no problem to dive there during slack tide.

Just to provide you with some statistics; the average depth of this site is 11 metres, so accessible to all diving levels, the visibility is rated as 'Good', this is also because all of Bahamas has almost constant good visibility, it is located off the island of Pimlico Cay and if of interest, the GPS co-ordinates are 24.7926:76.8307.

What You Can See

Due the constant current, the corals really thrive with coral boulders reaching up to 8 metres. There is a large variety of hard corals and soft coral and due to them being so plentiful, there are many large schools of fish, such as the Senets, which call the Jeep Reef their home. It may not be the dive site where you will see extremely large marine life, but when it comes to colour and abundance, it will not let you down. Keep your eyes peeled under every rock as there is a high chance there will be southern stingrays about. Due to this dive site being in the Exuma Land and Sea Park it is completely protected, so no fishing allowed, and so there is a high abundance of lobster prancing around, knowing this rule is in place. If you wonder where the name 'Jeep' Reef comes from, is it because there is indeed a Jeep in the water. It is near the mooring lines for the boats and is now completely encrusted in corals. It has created its very own personal ecosystem, a unique and entertaining sight.

How To Get There

The port of entry into the Bahamas will be Lynden Pindling International Airport, located on the island of Nassau, which is also the capital of the Bahamas. Flights arrive into Nassau from multiple different destinations, including Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. Once on Nassau, the Liveaboard will depart from the Prince George Wharf, its main dock. The Exuma Cays area begins just 55km (35mi) south of Nassau.

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