Adventure Cruises in Budva

A cruise of the Budva Riviera offers the chance to explore one of Montenegro's most beautiful and best-loved regions known for its excellent weather and stunning beaches. The town has a fantastic beach culture and nightlife as well as a rich history to explore. As many of the wonders of Budva and its Riviera are based around the coast, a small cruise ship gives those onboard the chance to explore some of the lesser visited spots and explore every inch of the dramatic coastline.

With such a range of activities and sights to indulge in, a Budva cruise is a perfect blend of adventure, history and relaxation.

Top things to do and see in Budva

The town of Budva is split into the old and new with swish new apartments and hotels at the top and the tiny winding lanes of the romantic Old Town. The Old Town or citadel is small but packed with boutiques, quirky gift shops and enough restaurants and cafes to spend all afternoon taste testing in. After exploring all the tiny lanes and frescoed churches it is well worth climbing up the steps to the city's walls. The pathway around the town has sweeping views of the dramatic coastline of the Budva Riviera. For the keen-eyed visitor, there are a number of tiny churches built into the town walls. Although they rarely open to the public they make great photo opportunities.  On the newer side, party lovers can head to the bars and clubs centred around the Old Town and harbour area. There are a number of themed clubs with unique concepts and styles. Although it is worth noting that this party atmosphere tends to finish around 1 am which although surprising for regular clubbers, is in keeping with the sleepy Montenegrin style.

There are several beaches to explore in the area around Budva including the town's own pebble stone beach. Budva beach is not the perfect beach for jumping in the water but if you want to enjoy a drink in the cafes lining the water's edge, and a spot of people watching, of course, this is the place to go. For a proper beach experience, only a few minutes away is Mogren Beach, thought to be one of the best beaches in Montenegro. The beach is also home to the symbol of Budva, a statue of a performing ballet dancer standing dramatically on the rocks, which makes for a splendid photo opportunity. The beaches also offer ample water sports activities such as kayaking and snorkelling and short white water rafting trips are available in the area around Budva, for those looking for a bit more of a thrill.

If you are looking for a more exclusive beach, Sveti Nicola island is a short sail from the town of Budva. Thanks to its white sand beach and aquamarine waters, it is nicknamed 'Hawaii' by the locals. A small ship cruise can drop you on this island which is far more secluded than the main beaches around Budva town. The island is also a great spot for kayaking and snorkelling. It is possible to find several secluded coves and keep an eye out for fallow deer wandering around the grassy slopes. When you are finished with the sun, sea and sand there is also a beautiful little church dedicated to St. Nicolas to be found on the slopes of the island.

Best time to cruise Budva

Budva is known to have one of the best climates in Montenegro, hence why so many holidaymakers flock to the region's beaches and towns each year. The area is quite sheltered from the open sea conditions that can affect other parts of the Adriatic meaning it has consistently good weather during the summer months. However, the dry sunny weather starts early here, with around 25 degrees regularly in May and September as well.

Aside from beaches and good weather, Budva is also a hive of nightlife and music festivals. The most famous of these is the Sea Dance festival, held on the beach with water-themed activities, displays and an impressive lineup. The festival is held annually making the end of August a great time to be in Budva.

Top tips for visiting Budva on a cruise

  • While the old town is brimming with small quirky bars, serious clubbers should head to the harbour where the party is.
  • The beaches at Sveti Nicola and Mogren are quieter and more relaxation oriented. For a party atmosphere head to Jaz beach instead.
  • Despite the sea breeze, Budva can get very hot especially in the summer so hiking and walking activities are best kept for the morning

Where do Budva cruises depart from?

The Budva region is a boating haven but without an international airport, meaning most Budva cruises depart from Tivat in the Bay of Kotor. The town of Tivat was chosen as the location for a huge superyacht marina and is a popular spot to start off a cruise. Before embarking, consider spending a few days in Tivat itself, where the range of restaurants and historic sights is worth a few days stay. It is also possible for some cruises of Montenegro to finish their trip in the ancient city of Kotor and transfer guests back by land to Tivat.