Liveaboard Diving in Dumaguete

What To Expect On a Dumaguete Liveaboard

Liveaboards in Dumaguete will allow you to enjoy everything this town has to offer. Colonial in style Dumaguete is a lovely town that serves as a departure port for scuba diving itineraries in the Dauin area. It combines its history with a more recent tourist boom and is also home to many high end dive resorts. On the coast of the island of Negros, Dumaguete offers an easy spot from which to set sail on your liveaboard and enjoy what the seas of the philippines have to offer. On land you can expect lush green forests, hot springs in the mountains and tropical weather. You will enjoy being able to try your hand at a range of activities before or after your liveaboard dive trip from Dumaguete. Visit a sugar cane factory or coconut plantation at your leisure or spend your time on the volcanic sand beaches. If you are lucky enough to be in town on Wednesday then take yourself to the local Malatapay market. Most people visit this town to take a dive trip and the best way to see the underwater sights here is on a live aboard dive trip.

Liveaboard Diving from Dumaguete

From Dumaguete you will find yourself starting your liveaboard tour off the volcanic sandy beaches to the underwater world created by this volcanic activities. The reefs you will see here on this luxury liveaboard are stunning and full of life. Created by thousands of years of volcanic activity, the reefs are home to lots of life: corals and creatures alike. You will be treated on your dive liveaboard to up to 4 dives a day searching out rare species like the blue-ringed octopus and the elusive frogfish, which is resident in these waters. Sail Dumaguete along the coast and beyond finding wrecks and sites full of boulders for the larger sealife to take shelter. Your liveaboard tour will offer the crystal clear waters here as well as the beautiful scenery both above and below the sea. Enjoy you diving safari whilst being treated with incredible hospitality on board. Best Dumaguete itineries would include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks including tropical fruits in your 2-3 hour breaks between dives including drinks readily available during your resting time and hammocks and sun roof decking to catch a few rays between dives whilst chatting to your new dive buddies.

Though there are many options to dive in Dumaguete the best way to enjoy the diving here is on a liveaboard as you can take in many different dive sites in one day and spend more time at dive sites diving a few times at one site if they are providing particularly interesting life at the time you visit.

Getting To Dumaguete

You will more often then not arrive at the Phillipine islands through the capital's Manila airport. From here take a flight direct to Dumaguete going twice a day. Alternatively fly direct into Cebu and take the ferry crossing to Dumaguete for your dive cruise. There are options with Malaysian airlines, Singapore airlines and Qatar airways to fly to Cebu direct.

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