Liveaboard Diving in Guadalupe

What To Expect On A Guadalupe Liveaboard

Guadalupe liveaboards offer divers a unique dive trip to get up close and personal with the awe-inspiring Great White Sharks. One of the few places in the world where liveaboards visit to see these creatures in their natural habitat. Guadalupe Island is a tiny island off the west coast of Mexico which is still part of the Baja California state. This volcanic island only has a population of 213 people and measures 35km (21mi) by 9km (6mi), but it provides liveaboard divers with one of the best spots in the world to go cage diving with Great White sharks. It's been named a Bio-Sphere reserve and so it's a protected area, which means visitors will get an even more natural experience from their Guadalupe liveaboard. There is a minimum amount of chumming here as these trips want to conserve the natural behaviours and environment of the sharks, to ensure they are as minimally invasive as possible.

Guadalupe Underwater

One of the main reasons for this being a top spot for liveaboard dive cruises and cage diving with these sharks are the warmer waters found during the months July to October . The water temperatures during this shark diving season are between 19 degrees Celsius (66 Fahrenheit) and 22 degrees Celsius (71 Fahrenheit) so still a pleasant diving temperature & usually just a wetsuit needed. Another reason is that the clarity here is generally excellent with average visibility ranging from 42m to 50m (125ft-150ft) which is great to see the sharks already coming from afar.

Up until now, they have identified 171 individual sharks in the region and every few months different sharks come by. In July and August the rowdy, bachelor, teenage males come by and provide divers with an energetic experience. In September the females start showing up and then you see a mix of all sorts of sharks. Finally in October and November, the larger females appear, magnificent and calm creatures that are curious about the cage so will be a perfect opportunity for some shark underwater photography. The combination of warm, clear waters and the excitement of coming so close to some of the most impressive species of the sea is a truly unique experience.

A Guadalupe liveaboard trip itinerary is primarily focused on experiencing diving with Great White sharks, there are no colourful reefs around but you might also spot some Guadalupe fur seals for some extra playful creatures as Guadalupe hosts a population of over 10,000 of them. It also hosts a population of Northern elephant seals.

Dive Sites at Guadalupe

There are no specific named dive sites here, as the whole area is a shark diving site. The crew of the boat lower multiple cages at different locations around the island, where they think is best to see the sharks. Once the crew are happy for divers to enter the water then you get the opportunity to descend down in one of the cages.

Tips For Divers

Liveaboard trips to Guadalupe Island usually run from July to October as this is the peak season for Great White Sharks. has a selection of operators who run trips to Guadalupe, usually departing from San Diego then heading out to Guadalupe Island. Most trips are 5 days with around 4 dives per day. During these trips, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some up close encounters with these incredible animals all from the safety of a cage. The cages are always lowered down to 10 meters in the water upon arrival to ensure the sharks get comfortable with them. All divers can participate in cage diving as Surface Supplied Air is used during the cage dive.

Although the waters around the island of Guadalupe are generally calm, there is always the possibility of different conditions which is why each liveaboard will have their own minimum dive requirements. Please always make sure to check these requirements before placing a booking as you may be asked to show your dive logbooks for safety purposes. We do suggest that if you have your own dive equipment you should bring that along, however, it is always possible to rent any gear you might need. There may also be other extra costs involved such as dive insurance, park fees, port fees etc. These extras can always be found in the Required Extras and Optional Extras section at the bottom of the boat page.

The main language spoken on this island is Spanish, however, English is widely spoken all around the country of Mexico and on the liveaboards. The currency is the Mexican Peso and you can easily exchange all popular currencies such as US dollars and Euros etc. on the port from where you will depart.

The plug is the same plug as the US; two flat prongs with the standard voltage being 127V. Please remember to bring an adaptor for all your electrics if you are not coming from the US.

How To Get There

San Diego is the main port that our liveaboards to Guadalupe Island depart from. San Diego's international airport is the Lindbergh Field international airport. It is located around 4.5km (3mi) from downtown San Diego; so in an easily accessible place. International flights arrive from multiple destinations including other cities in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom and even Tokyo.

The port from which most liveaboards will depart is the Unified Port of San Diego. The liveaboards will usually depart in the evening, and arrive the next day in the afternoon as Guadalupe Island is around 400km (260mi) from the mainland. Some operators may depart from different ports, so please check when booking.

Guadalupe Diving Reviews

  • 9.4 Superb
  • 20 Verified Reviews
  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Tammy R
  • United States United States

Incredible . The water is so blue and the dolphins turtles and sea lions are so fun to watch. The fish swimming in the water in huge schools all day sharks everywhere.

Diving Guadalupe in September on the Solmar V

  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Matthew B
  • United States United States

Fantastic so many Great White sharks

Diving Guadalupe in July on the Nautilus Explorer

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • David L
  • United States United States

Gaudalupe was gorgeous, the water is clear and the great whites are eager to interact.

Diving Guadalupe in August on the Solmar V

  • 8.8 Fabulous
  • Donna P
  • United States United States

The sharks were amazing and showed up continuously, clear clean water

Diving Guadalupe in September on the Nautilus Belle Amie

  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Angela T
  • United States United States

Amazing! So many sharks and close enough to touch!

Diving Guadalupe in September on the Nautilus Belle Amie

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Pamela W
  • United States United States

Beyond my wildest expectations. Beautiful weather, clear water and tons of sharks along with schools of Jacks and other smaller fish. The island is just gorgeous too. Love the remote feeling. Nice to know places on the planet earth still exists like this.

Diving Guadalupe in September on the Nautilus Belle Amie

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Joe C
  • United States United States

Wonderful! Clear water, not too cold. Plenty of sharks on every dive.

Diving Guadalupe in September on the Nautilus Belle Amie

  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Steven E
  • United States United States

Considering the diving was in a cage, the scenery was limited, but the great white sharks certainly made up for this. Absolutely incredible.

Diving Guadalupe in October on the Socorro Aggressor

  • 8.4 Very good
  • Richard W
  • United States United States

Saw multiple white sharks so was not disappointed. Boat and crew were fantastic.

Diving Guadalupe in July on the Nautilus Under Sea

  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Francesca D
  • United States United States

Excellent. Great visibility, be prepared for colder waters.

Diving Guadalupe in August on the Nautilus Belle Amie

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • gregory M
  • France France

perfect diving,cristal visibility,lots of white sharks what else?

Diving Guadalupe in October on the Nautilus Under Sea

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Daniela S
  • Germany Germany

Amazing! We could see so many great whites

Diving Guadalupe in September on the Nautilus Explorer

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