Liveaboard Diving in Bloody Bay Wall

What To Expect On A Bloody Bay Wall Liveaboard

Liveaboard diving at Little Cayman's Bloody Bay wall is one of the most sought-after dive sites in the Cayman Islands. Boasting some of the most iconic and dramatic wall scenery to be found anywhere in the ocean and featuring a sheer vertical drop-off that plunges more than 3000ft into the abyss, diving this spectacular submarine precipice is a humbling and unforgettable experience. Every inch of the wall's surface is draped in an abundance of marine life, with a wide diversity of corals, sponges and fans providing the perfect habitat for whole host of mobile critters. The exotic vase, tube and elephant ear sponges - that are an iconic fixture of the Caymans - exist here in a stunning array of colours across a wide spectrum of hues. An assortment of macro creatures such as arrow crabs, eels, shrimps and even seahorses seek shelter within the many holes and crevices that permeate the wall's surface. Some of the larger and more charismatic species that are encountered here include eagle rays, turtles, morays, horse-eyed Jacks and some curious Nassau Groupers. When exploring the wall, always be sure to keep an eye out for large pelagics, such as hammerhead sharks, which may be cruising the deep nearby.

What You Can See

Bloody Bay Wall is one of the most photographed liveaboard dive sites in the world, and it's easy to see why. The combination of dramatic scenery, abundance of marine life and breath-taking array of colour on display here makes for a truly spectacular diving experience. From a mind-boggling assortment of tiny iridescent reef fish, all the way up to large predators that include the famously- friendly Nassau groupers, the wall offers a never ending discovery of vibrant and charismatic marine life. Corals, fans and sponges that adorn the wall's surface form stunningly intricate silhouettes against the dappled rays of sunlight, and the many holes and crevices create wonderfully inviting swim throughs. When alongside the wall, divers can expect to be greeted by the inquisitive Nassau Groupers that will often approach within close distance, allowing for endless photo opportunities and unforgettable moments. It's not just the groupers that are curious, but other marine life too.

The wall and its surrounding waters are protected by marine park status, allowing marine life to flourish here without fear of hunting or disturbance. Other encounters include the sea turtles, eagle rays and vibrantly-coloured species of parrotfish that can be seen cruising the perimeter of the wall. For the more observant of divers, a whole world of exquisite macro wonders awaits discovery- arrow crabs, nudibranchs, shrimps and even brightly coloured seahorses all seek shelter within the many nooks, crevices and overhangs. While exploring the wall, make sure to glance towards the deep as you may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a shark or two. As with any dive, keep a good profile and be sure to keep an eye on your depth. It's also a good idea to bring a strobe or flashlight with you to fully appreciate the breath-taking array of colours on display here.

Getting to Bloody Bay Wall

The best way to explore the world-famous Bloody Ball Wall is via a multi-day Cayman Islands liveaboard dive cruise. Departing from the Islands' capital George Town, over a period of 8 days you will sail the crystalline turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, and experience the best of what all three of the Cayman Islands have to offer underwater.

George Town in Grand Cayman is the main airport city of the Cayman Islands and also the point of departure for liveaboards. There are daily international flights into the Owen Roberts International Airport which is served by several airlines from the USA & Canada, whilst British Airways operate a direct flight from London, UK. Connecting flights from various US cities are available with Cayman Airways. Taxis are available for transport to and from the airport.

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