Ocean Quest 리브어보드, 오스트레일리아

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“This apparently is the only liveaboard option for snorklers for the GBR. Unfortunately, this trip was a bad fit for us and we left…”

Heather H, 国旗 미국 미국

OceanQuest 리브어보드는 길이 36미터의 카타마란으로 오스트레일리아의 웅장한 아우터 그레이트 배리어 리프에서 연중 다이빙 투어를 제공합니다. OceanQuest 리브어보드는 아우터 리프에 영구히 정박하고 있어서 게스트들은 케언즈에서 고속 보트를 이용해서 오게 됩니다. 이 리브어보드는 매일 출발하는 최고로 유연한 리브어보드 일정을 제공합니다. 게스트들은 1박부터 시작하는 다양한 기간의 투어 일정으로 그레이트 배리어 리프 다이빙의 진수를 경험할 수 있습니다.

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포함: 부가가치세, 호텔 트랜스퍼, 식수, 차 및 커피, 풀보드 식사 플랜 (모든 식사), 다이빙 팩키지, 장비 대여.

필수 추가사항: 항만이용료 (20 AUD 하루).

선택 추가사항: 팁, 공항 트랜스퍼, 알콜음료, 청량음료, 스낵, 개인 다이빙 가이드 (120 AUD 액티비티당), 나이트록스, 나이트록스 코스 (269 AUD), 스쿠버 다이빙 코스.

선예약, 후결제: 온라인으로 손쉽게 예약을 신청할 수 있습니다. 그러면 저희가 고객님의 자리를 홀드하고 고객님은 나중에 예약을 확정하고 결제를 하시면 됩니다.

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Ocean Quest 리뷰

  • Rating 9.0 out of 10
  • 9.0 훌륭함
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  2. 크루
  3. 음식
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  • Rating 4.8 out of 10
  • 4.8 리뷰 스코어
  • Heather H
  • 国旗 미국 미국
Not a good fit at all!

This apparently is the only liveaboard option for snorklers for the GBR. Unfortunately, this trip was a bad fit for us and we left after 2 nights even though we paid for 5 nights. The pros: the staff was fantastic and safety is taken seriously. Food was ample and adequate and the fruit was excellent. The boat smelled OK (with the exception of our head, because our swim gear and towels wouldn't dry there). The cons: Boat amenities are the bare minimum and policies seem to be focused on efficiency rather than customer comfort. Unfortunately, we first learned about these policies when we were already underway, as they were not disclosed previously. First, we learned while onboard Aqua Quest that both boats were barefoot only. I just spent the better part of 4 years eradicating incredibly resistant plantar's warts (which spread from one foot to the other), and this included daily chemotherapy and other painful injections that affected my mobility. This was followed by a couple of rounds of athlete's foot. I have sterilized all shoes, socks and linens and my doctor has implored me to never go barefoot in any wet areas, including in my own house, so that my family members and I won't have the chance to spread viruses or fungus to each other. Suddenly, I learned I was *required* to share foot viruses and diseases with a whole slew of people in a wet environment. If I had known about that in advance, we never would have booked this trip. We tried to make the best of it, but it was not tolerable for us. Second, we were required to be completely dry in order to be inside both Aqua Quest and Ocean Quest (which means getting in and out of wetsuits and swim gear between every snorkel). This was challenging, because there were no hooks, hangers or clothing lines to hang wet or dry clothes in the wet heads on Aqua Quest or our cabin on Ocean Quest, and insufficient air circulation in our cabin head for gear or towels to dry overnight. I also didn't notice any hairdryers in our cabin to assist with drying ourselves. These have been basic amenities on all other livaboards we have stayed on, but Ocean Quest offers the bare minimum. The aircon on Ocean Quest was freezing indoors, so even when dry, it was difficult to warm up. We actually skipped some snorkels because we were already cold and couldn't imagine getting wet and colder. These boats are designed for diving, so I can't understand why they weren't furnished with floors and furniture in some indoor areas that can simply be wiped down. I also can't understand why the temperature couldn't be controlled and there was no option for heat. As for our cabin, having a bright and open view of the water and horizon is really important to us when we are at sea, for enjoyment and to prevent seasickness. We were told when we booked that our room type would have a window to the water. We were assigned a cabin on the lowest level of guest rooms that faced forward to the bow, which was about 3 steps above us. We could see water when we searched for it, but our view was obstructed by equipment and was dark and depressing. We ended up keeping our shades closed often for privacy, because staff would need to operate equipment on the bow. That is, we kept the shades as closed as possible, because the curtain holds were falling apart. Considering most people booked the boat for 1 or 2 nights (and we booked for 5), we were surprised that we were not assigned a nicer room. Some other people had a sitting area in their room, but we had nothing like that. We just had a bed with 2 pillows and 2 throw pillows on a bed for 2 people. We saw no places to charge anything in our cabin except in the head, right above the sink (with no shelf to place any belongings). Again, the bare minimum. We couldn't wait to disembark, as this is unlike the experience we have had any other time at sea (and we've done many livaboards, including powerboats and sailboats) of all sizes. The water was fairly choppy

The pros: the staff was fantastic and safety is taken seriously. Food was ample and adequate and the fruit was excellent. The boat smelled OK (with the exception of our head, because our swim gear and towels wouldn't dry there).
  • Rating 9.2 out of 10
  • 9.2 훌륭함
  • Traci D
  • 国旗 미국 미국
Great way to experience the GBR!

We really enjoyed the trip. As stated above, the staff, the equipment was ample and well maintained. Liked that you could dive or snorkel and that guides were always available. The lead into the trip was great. Communication was clear and I always received responses to my questions. The downside was the air conditioning. It really needs to be upgraded. We were very cold and uncomfortable in our room. The vent is loud, cold and no ability to adjust to a reasonable temperature. The only other area for improvement would be cleanliness. The rooms are only superficially cleaned between guests. However our takeaway was very good memories and fun.

The locations and experience on the reef. The dive guides. The sunrises from the boat.
  • Rating 6.0 out of 10
  • 6.0 리뷰 스코어
  • Kris H
  • 国旗 미국 미국
Minke Whale trip June 2024

It definitely felt like a cattle boat the first day, as they take day snorkelers and day divers on the transfer boat. It was chaotic without a lot of information and so many people. You had to pay for a guide for each dive if you wanted one, never saw this before on a LOB, yet the price was high. Was happy to dive without the pricey guides. No towels provided for after dive, had to use room shower towel. Seeing the Minke whales was spectacular. Advertised as Dive trip, but you don’t dive with the Minkes - only snorkeling, which was ok, just wish that was made clearer. Next time I’ll choose another boat.

The boat was kept clean, but is old and tired. Big decks, but absolutely no chairs on sun deck to relax.

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