Liveaboard Diving in Trinity Caves


A liveaboard to Trinity Caves, Grand Cayman's famous dive location, is the perfect way to explore this amazing dive site. Located just off the coast of West Bay near North West Point on Grand Cayman, this dive site rests on the spectacular West Wall and worthy of any dive safari. Trinity Caves was originally made famous in the 1980s when it appeared in the film “The Firm.” Since then, it has become one of the most requested dive sites of the Cayman Islands. Sail to this famous dive site in style aboard a luxury liveaboard vessel and shine like a star as you navigate this natural movie set.

Contrary to its name, Trinity Caves dive site is not exactly composed of “caves.” Instead, it consists of three massive coral canyons that converge at a point on the West Wall with a dramatic vertical drop off. These converging coral canyons create three incredible and quite lengthy swim-throughs that twist and turn throughout the reef, which is no surprise that the best Cayman Islands liveaboards head to this destination. Penetrate the top of the reef through a large opening at a depth of approximately 12 meters. Gradually descend to a depth of just over 24 meters as you glide through the tunnels before exiting over the face of the gorgeous West Wall. Being one of the most popular dive sites, your Cayman Islands dive itinerary will most likely make a stop here.


Scuba diving in Trinity Caves is truly a sight to be seen. Wide tunnels lit by shimmering blue beams of light streaming in through natural breaks in the reef above create an exquisite dreamlike setting for this dive site. This beautiful backdrop makes for some amazing photo opportunities. Due to this fact, photography from this dive site has been featured in several well-known dive magazines and other dive publications. This dive site is well suited for both wide angle and macro lenses making it a perfect addition to you liveaboard dive cruise.

In addition to the topography, the marine life is quite stunning as well. Large tube sponges, delicate sea fans, and radiant black coral adorn the walls. Bright and brilliant reef fish such as angelfish, tang, and parrotfish are common here. Dense schools of silversides are also residents. Be on the lookout for Spotted Lobsters and other crustaceans hiding amid the grooves and overhangs.


Trinity Caves is best visited from a liveaboard dive boat as you will usually arrive at the site before the day boats which depart from sevn mile beach. This area of North West Point is loaded with fun and exciting dive sites just waiting to be explored. With up to 5 dives a day, diving this site via a liveaboard dive tour enables you to stick around the area for longer than just 2 tanks worth of dive time. Adding this site to your liveaboard itinerary ensures that you spend less of your limited holiday time traveling from point A to point B, and more time doing what you love—diving!

When taking an international flight to the Cayman Islands, fly into Grand Cayman via the Owen Roberts International Airport conveniently located in George Town. George Town is also the location of the port of departure for liveaboard dive trips. Depending on the time of year of your trip, either depart for your live aboard tour from the George Town Tourist Dock or the Ann Drive Docks in North Sound Estates.

Flights to and from the U.S., Canada, Cuba, Honduras, Jamaica, and the UK are offered on a weekly basis. A connecting flight will be necessary for flights departing from different countries. Airlines that offer service to Owen Roberts International Airport are Cayman Airways, Air Canada, American Airlines, British Airways, Delta, JetBlue, United, and West Jet.

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Great, visibility was fantastic

Diving Trinity Caves in November on the Cayman Aggressor IV

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Wish we did more here. There was a lot to explore.

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