Liveaboard Diving in Nassau


Nassau liveaboards will take divers to the amazing Exuma Cays area in the Bahamas. Nassua is the capital city of the Bahamas and it sits on the island of New Providence. It is one of the 26 inhabited islands out of the 700 islands, but despite that, it does hold 70 percent of entire population of the Bahamas, around 245,000 people. It is located 209 km south east of the coast of Florida. It also has a small island called Paradise Island which is located just off the coast of the city Nassau.

Nassau was originally known as Charles Town, before it was burned down by the Spanish in 1684, and was renamed Nassau in 1695 after William III of the Dutch-German house of Orange Nassau. At the beginning of the 1700's, Nassau was proclaimed a pirate republic because of the high number of pirates which inhabited it. In 1782 the Spanish captured Nassau, but only a year later the Americans captured it back and stood strong till now. Only a few liveaboard vessels operate in this area meaning most of the time you should have dive sites to yourself.

Nassau Underwater

The underwater world in this area provides you with a lot to see ranging from coral reefs with every colour you can imagine, thousands of tropical fish al moving around in massive schools but also larger species such as; sharks, groupers, snappers barracuda, eels an turtles. Each site has its own few gems, all worth a see.

Dive Sites Of Nassau

There are a large range of dive sites off the coast of this island, available to liveaboard dive cruises they provide you with the chance to dive on wrecks, walls, sharks, blue holes, caves and much more.

There a few dive sites around here which are extremely popular and some of which were voted top dive sites in the world.

In the last 300 years there have been a lot of boats which have sunk around this area, which has made this a mecca for wreck diving. There are two wrecks lying quite close to each other and have both been used in James Bond films, and have now become known as the James bond wrecks . They are both lying at about 13 metres (45 feet) so any level of diver can visit them, and it is also possible to visit both on the same dive. Depending on your liveaboard itinearary there is also a larger wreck, the Will Laurie wreck which is a popular spot for night dives due to there being thriving populations of trumpet fish and orange cup corals. There is even an airplane wreck which also starred in a movie; Into the Blue , called DC3 airplane wreck. Lastly there is even an appropriately named site; Shipyard , with three wrecks.

Bahamas liveaboard dive trips are known for the high abundance of sharks which roam its waters, and at the Stuart Cove dive site you have the chance to come up close and personal with Caribbean reef sharks. You have the chance to see silk sharks about an hour out away from Nassau at Shark Buoy and you might spot Nurse Sharks in several dive sites around here.

If an underwater wall is what gets your blood pumping, then the Tongue of the Ocean or otherwise known as the 6000 Foot Wall, is the place for you. It is a whole underwater networks of walls and one drop off which drops almost 2km (1mi) down into the abyss. It has a high abundance of giant purple sponges, really colourful coral reefs, many pelagic sea life and much more.

The most famous dive area here is the Exuma Land and Sea Park, located 64km (40 miles) southeast of Nassau, and only accessible by liveaboard boat, this is a protected Marine area so absolutely thriving with marine life of all sorts, all living on an incredibly healthy and prosperous coral reef.

Getting To Nassau

Nassau has its own international airport located 16km from the city centre. This airport is called the Lynden Pindling international airport and you can arrive here from multiple locations including multiple places in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and other Caribbean islands. Bahamas liveaboards depart from the main wharf on Nassau; the Prince George Wharf.

Nassau Diving Reviews

  • 8.5 Fabulous
  • 19 Verified Reviews
  • 4.0 Review score
  • Renee P
  • United States United States

Better diving is further away from the island

Diving Nassau in November on the Bahamas Aggressor

  • 9.2 Superb
  • David K
  • United States United States

Nassau offers a bounty of beautiful places to get your fins wet!

Diving Nassau in August on the Blackbeards Morning Star

  • 9.2 Superb
  • Antonio Ginés B
  • Spain Spain

Algo bonito para terminar la semana.

Diving Nassau in August on the Bahamas Aggressor

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Nicole S
  • United States United States

Nice clear waters with plenty of marine life

Diving Nassau in January on the Blackbeards Morning Star

  • 8.4 Very good
  • Peter O
  • Australia Australia

Weather caused some issues with current, but also found the wrecks to be too far decayed

Diving Nassau in April on the Blackbeards Morning Star

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Lynn O
  • United States United States

Very good, it was my first time diving the East side of the Caribbean and seeing all the sharks was new to me.

Diving Nassau in April on the Blackbeards Morning Star

  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Xiaoge F
  • China China

The blue hole has variety of marine lives, like reef shark, nurse shark, rays, turtles, etc. Water was not as clear as the Exuma Cay

Diving Nassau in March on the Blackbeards Morning Star

  • 9.2 Superb
  • David J
  • United States United States

The water was clear and warm, however very little sea life. The shark dive was terrific!

Diving Nassau in February on the Blackbeards Morning Star

  • 6.4 Review score
  • Jonathan P
  • Canada Canada

We didn't dive near Nassau. However the best site of the whole trip in my opinion was Dog Rock. It had a nice steep drop off, where we saw our first shark of the week, and lots of deep crevices that we swam through. The coral at that site was awesome too.

Diving Nassau in December on the Bahamas Aggressor

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Sarah R
  • United States United States

The diving was wonderful. The water was great with lots of critters to see and observe with some really nice walls.

Diving Nassau in December on the Bahamas Aggressor

  • 8.8 Fabulous
  • Miriam S
  • Netherlands Netherlands

Excellent, I felt the diving sites closer to Nassau were better (i.e. more diversity and in a healthier state) than near Eleuthera/Exumas

Diving Nassau in December on the Bahamas Aggressor

  • 9.2 Superb
  • Alannah D
  • Canada Canada

Amazing!! So much to see, excellent viability.

Diving Nassau in August on the Blackbeards Morning Star

  • 7.6 Good
  • Anthony C
  • United States United States

The water was a little cooler than I expected (76F) but overall the variety of fish and reef health was good.

Diving Nassau in April on the Bahamas Aggressor

  • 7.6 Good
  • Dana W
  • United States United States

The diving is good. Lovely coral formations, but frankly not much life underwater. We were particularly unlikely not to see the larger creatures.

Diving Nassau in January on the Carib Dancer

  • 8.0 Very good
  • Linda M
  • United States United States

I most enjoyed the shark interactions and swimming with the pigs.

Diving Nassau in November on the Carib Dancer