Gunung Api Liveaboard Diving

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Gunung Api Liveaboard Diving

Liveaboard Diving in Gunung Api

What to Expect On a Gunung Api Liveaboard

Liveaboards in Gunung Api offer divers a chance to catch a glimpse of a biological wonder in action. The island is a small volcano which is still fairly active and erupted in the 1980’s. The eruption and the subsequent lava flow sadly damaged large area the reef below the shoreline, and this is oddly enough what makes Gunung Api liveaboards so interesting. While the fascinating volcanic topography is definitely a draw for divers, it is the regrowth rate of the reef that really has scientists stumped. That’s right, an Indonesian Liveaboard diving in Gunung Api offers you this chance to see a mystery of nature in action!

It is believed that because of the chemical and mineral content of the hardened lava the corals and life are growing back at an astonishing rate. Scientists are investigating this phenomenon in order to find better ways to regrow the world’s diminishing coral reefs. All in all Gunung Api is quite an inspirational place for a dive trip, not to mention full of great marine life and the chance to see huge shoals of mobula rays. Expect Indonesia liveaboard diving at its very best with the peaceful pristine experience of diving in the Banda Sea.

What you can see at Gunung Api

In the Banda Sea, diving conditions are excellent during the season and visibility is up to 30 meters in places. The surprisingly vibrant coral at Gunung Api is immediately obvious when you get onto one of the lava flow reefs. Colossal sponges and sea fans line the reef and the huge table corals look more like platforms and there are plenty of creatures hiding under them and beautifully colourful clown trigger fish on top.

One of the most fascinating things about a dive trip to Gunung Api, is the huge number of sea snakes on the reefs. These fantastic stripy beasts seem to be engaged in a kind of wriggling dance, searching for food in the corals of the lava slope. Videographers will have a brilliant time filming the sea snakes and macro photographers will find the gorgonians here full of tiny shrimp and other critters.

There is plenty for divers who love pelagics too, trevally and dogtooth tuna hunt above and alongside the reef. The most spectacular site here however is the schools of mobula rays that swoop over the corals feeding on plankton. These animals can travel in great numbers so make sure to look up in case you miss them.

Getting to Gunung Api

Gunung Api, like the other Banda Sea islands is very isolated and off the beaten track. This means that the best and pretty much only way to get there is a dive cruise. There are a few different kinds of diving live aboard boats in Gunung Api. There is something to suit most budgets and tastes and the majority offer three or four dives a day in this amazing place.

Motor boats customised for diving offer comfortable accommodation and top of the range facilities. The most popular boats for dive tours here are traditional Indonesian sailing boats. Sailing in Gunung Api is a tranquil way to spend a dive safari on a luxury liveaboard, bobbing peacefully off the coast watching the sunset and the beautiful volcano.

Getting to Gunung Api is not too complicated but it does often require several flights if you are coming from outside of Asia. Most Indonesian Liveaboard diving in this region starts off in Ambon which has a sizeable port and receives flights from Jakarta daily. From Jakarta visitors can connect onto international flights from most large international airports. There is also a ferry from various other parts of Indonesia but be sure to book with a travel agent as schedules can change.

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