Liveaboard Diving in Batangas

What To Expect On A Batangas Liveaboard

Liveaboards in Batangas are taken in a loop around the main dive sites of the area and run from October to March. Batangas is a region in North East Philippines and Batangas Bay is the backdrop to the start and end of your dive cruise. It is situated on Luzon island and the coast stretches 470km. This island boasts great greenery down to the sandy beaches lined with palm trees. Sailing around the bay you will visit many dive sites in the area and be treated to a variety of diving in Batangas with options from boulders to reefs. Liveaboard diving in Batangas here means you can stay out at sea between dives saving you time to spend on more dives. You will enjoy up to 4 dives a day whilst diving in Batangas on your Philippines liveaboard, taking in many sites in a short space of time.

Batangas Underwater

During your dive cruise in Batangas, you will enjoy a mixture of dive sites from reefs to drift dives over boulders to rock formations and encrusted corals. The crystal clear and bright blue waters here are a delight to be enjoyed every day of your Philippines liveaboard diving experience. The dive tour options here are wide in variety meaning that all diving experience levels are catered for when liveaboard diving. Diving in Batangas is great to see tropical fish of all varieties, keep a lookout for sharks on your dives and as you are diving in the Philippines don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for its residents the rare frogfish!

Dive Sites Of Batangas

Apo Reef Dive along deep walls and reefs searching out sharks, barracuda, and manta rays. This dive site can range from 5m to 40m over a reef so it is great for all abilities and often has a 40m visibility.

Mainit Point The currents here can often be very strong so maybe a drift dive. 15m-30m depths this boulder and rocky dive site invites you to spot Moorish Idols, Pufferfish, wrasses and you may spot a Whitetip hidden in the cave!

Twin Rocks Find here two seemingly identical big rocks and a capsized barge underwater. Currents here often take you in one direction for a drift dive.

Layag-Layag Claimed to be one of the top dive sites of the area, this reef combines boulders with reef formations in the shallows then head down steeply. A great habitat for reef creatures to be spotted amongst the beautiful hard and soft corals. The life here is not difficult to spot in great visibility.

Cathedral Rock An site to check out the nudibranchs, sponges and soft corals. As well as clownfish, parrotfish, and angelfish. This dive site gets its name from the cross found here between two rocks. With an average dive depth at 19m, all experience level divers can enjoy this site.

Top Tips For Divers

Bring your underwater camera to catch the moments in the clear water whilst scuba diving in Batangas. You are likely to catch some wonderful snaps of the rare frogfish, sharks, and sea snakes. Given that some dives here are offered as drift dives you may need to consider your experience level to decide on whether you should take these options. Alternatively, take a course to develop these skills in your diving.

Getting To Batangas

You will more often than not arrive at the Philippine islands through the capital's Manila airport. Transfer in the shortest and by far easiest way from here to Batangas is with a bus from Manila either direct options, private taxi options, or local options including a short trike ride to get you to the port.

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There were many beautiful, rare species to see in Batangas.

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