Adventure Cruises in Fethiye

About Fethiye cruises

Fethiye cruises are often the highlight of any cruise in southern Turkish waters. Laying on the southwestern coast of Turkey, Adventure cruises to Fethiye are an idyllic experience due to the stunning location and the sheltered water of the Gulf of Fethiye. An ancient epicenter with stunning landscapes, there is something for everyone in Fethiye. History buffs will enjoy exploring ancient sites, including the ruins of KayKoy and Xanthos. On the other hand, nature lovers can explore the delight at the beach of Butterfly Valley. Beach lovers will appreciate nothing more than the beach at Patara, which is Tukey's longest beach, offering an endless shoreline of beautiful sand.

Top Things to do in Fethiye

As one of the most famous destinations on the Turkish Riviera, there are lots of different activities to get involved in when you take a Fethiye cruise. Whether you want to delve into the area's rich history or enjoy some of the stunning beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters, there is plenty to do. Highlights of a Fethiye cruise include:

A thriving town up to the 1920s, Kayakoy featured a multi-ethnic population of Greeks and Turks who lived together harmoniously for centuries. However, the trauma of population exchanges in 1923 between Greece and Turkey led to the town being eventually abandoned. The eerie ghost town of Kaykoy lies on a hillside and is slowly decaying. Highlights of places to visit include the Taxiarchis Church and the Katapongagia Church. You can still find some beautiful decorations and stonework inside the stone buildings.

The capital of ancient Lycia Xanthos is well worth a visit if you like your history. The ancient culture is colloquially known as the oldest republic in the world and was a collection o 20 city-states ruled from the now UNESCO World Heritage Site Xanthos. Visiting Xanthos, you can explore some stunning locations, including a theatre, acropolis, agora, and some excellent mosaics. Unfortunately, some of the more portable and beautiful monuments were taken by the British in the 19th century and are now displayed in the British Museum.

The Saklikent Gorge is a paradise for hikers. The deep ravine lies around 30Km from Fethiye and is a steep gorge cut into the Akdaglar mountain range. The landscape is breathtaking as you meander down the gorge exploring the towering cliffs and river. Near the end of the trail, you can also visit the waterfall in the gorge. If you are feeling adventurous, you can also indulge in rafting and kayaking on the river.

Butterfly valley is home to some stunning nature and the Jersey Tiger Butterfly and offers a wide range of activities. The primary reason people visit is to enjoy the stunningly beautiful beach at the mouth of the valley. Spending a day relaxing on the white beach and swimming in pristine water is a joy. In between swims, you can head back up the valley and explore some exciting flora and fauna, including searching for the butterfly that gives the place its name.

Top Tips for visiting Fethiye (only if tips are applicable)

If you are visiting Fethiye, you will be spending a significant amount of time on foot exploring ruins and off the beaten track. A good pair of hiking boots or trainers is a must, and your feet will thank you for it after a long day of exploring. If you are heading to the Saklikent Gorge, take an extra pair of socks since invariably, there is a good chance your feet will get wet when fording the river. With many excursions involving water, a small microfiber towel that fits neatly in your backpack is a great addition when you quickly need to dry yourself or your feet off. Like with most trips to Turkey, especially in the summer, don’t forget to bring a hat and sunscreen since the sun can be intense in the height of summer.

Best time to cruise Fethiye

The busiest and best times to cruise in Fethiye are the height of the summer season in July and August. At this time, the weather is hot with average air temperatures of 33C/~91F, but the sailing conditions are ideal, and the turquoise water of the Gulf of Fethiye is warm and stunning. However, keep in mind this is the pinnacle of the tourist season, when prices are at their most expensive and the tourist spots are at their busiest.

If you are looking to go when things are a little cheaper or less crowded but still a great experience, you have several options. Visiting Fethiye during late spring in May or June and in September and October is still an excellent experience. The weather is still warm compared to other European destinations, and most places are a little less crowded. During this time, sailing conditions are still excellent!

Where do Fethiye cruises depart from?

Two main ports serve the waters around Fethiye. You can choose from several operators that are based in Marmaris and offer a range of itineraries that start and end in Marmaris but take in Fethiye, Gocek, and more. Several operators are based in Fethiye and run itineraries beginning in and ending in Fethiye. However, most people will choose to depart from Marmaris since it offers a much wider range of options and cruises.

Getting to your Fethiye cruise departure point in Marmaris is relatively straightforward. Dalaman International Airport serves the city. Many airlines operate flights from Europe to Dalaman, making getting to Marmaris easy for European travelers. If you are communing from further afield, you will need to connect at a major international travel hub in Europe or the middle east.