Adventure Cruises in Marmaris

Marmaris cruises are at the heart of cruising the idyllic waters of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. The town is considered one of the hearts of cruising in the area, and adventure cruises to Marmaris are a must if you are considering any cruise in Turkish waters. With a long history and beautiful landscapes, there is plenty to do aside from cruising the turquoise Mediterranean water. Whether you are exploring the ancient Ruins of Kaunos, cruising along the Daylan River, Exploring the Datca Peninsula by car, or even scuba diving in ruins in Marmaris Bay, there is an activity for everyone to enjoy on a trip to Marmaris.

Top Things to Do in Marmaris

You are spoiled for choice in Marmaris. Whatever you taste, there is something for you, from great dining and nature to beautiful waters and ancient history stretching back a mind-boggling 12,000 years. The highlights of things to do in Marmaris include:

Lying across the Dalyan River from Dalyan town, the ruins of the Carian city of Kaunos are well worth a visit if you want to delve into a bit of history. The city dates back to the 9th century BC, although it was at its peak around 400 BC. A vital trading port, the town had links across the Mediterranean; however, due to its ports becoming silted up, the city started to go into decline, finally being abandoned in the 15th century.

Marmaris National Park is well worth a journey. While the stunning rocky coastline is often experienced from the sea, it is well worth taking a trip inland to explore this area of spectacular flora and fauna. Visiting the peninsula called Yildiz Adası (paradise island) provides some stunning views, especially great panoramas of hills and sea. Heading deep into the park, you will find the Nimara Caves, where evidence of human habitation has been found as far, stretching back 12,000 years. Those interested in animal life should keep an eye out for eagles and falcons who spend their days on the warm air currents.

Explore the Datca Peninsulas by driving along the coast road. You can explore the very picturesque Datca and Bozburun peninsulas. The scenic drive takes in some great views and explores some old villages with cobbled streets and whitewashed stone walls. You can also experience some history here, exploring the ancient ruins of Knidos, with its temple and large theatre facing the shore.

If you are scuba certified, a dip below the waves in Marmaris is well worth your while. Marmaris Bay is home to 50 dive sites. Being in the Aegean, there are no coral reefs. However, there are tons of ancient ruins to explore and some great marine life. Sites worth exploring include Galleon Cove, Aksu Cove, and Ince Cape, with some featuring lots of ancient Amphorae scattered on the bottom. While diving, keep an eye out for the loggerhead turtles, which frequent the area and are a sight to behold underwater.

Top Tips for visiting Marmaris (only if tips are applicable)

Depending on your activities, there are lots of things that are recommended to bring along. Suppose you are planning on doing some exploring on land. In that case, a good pair of hiking trainers or walking boots are the perfect companion for the usual sunscreen and a hat, especially if visiting in the summer.

If you plan to scuba dive on your Marmaris cruise, it is worth bringing your dive gear. While you can rent dive gear, it is often expensive, so it is advisable to bring your own set. If you can’t bring your gear due to weight restrictions, make sure to bring your dive computer and mask at a minimum.

Whether you are diving or trekking around Marmaris's sites, it is easy to get dehydrated, especially at the height of summer. A small, insulated portable water bottle is the perfect companion for staying cool and hydrated during your trip to Marmaris.

Best time to cruise Marmaris

Although Marmaris has excellent weather year-round, especially compared to some northern hemisphere countries, the best time to visit is spring through early fall. While trips from March to October are possible, the warmest time of year is July and August, when the weather is at its hottest, averaging 33C/91F, but the sailing conditions are at their best well.

This peak season means higher prices and more crowds, so if you prefer to go on holiday when things are a little less busy and a little less hot. April and May and September and early October are a great compromise. You still have great sunny weather, prices are a little lower, the sailing conditions are still excellent, and the tourist hotspots are a little less busy.

Where do Marmaris cruises depart from?

Marmaris is one of the main ports serving cruises on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. Several of the biggest companies are headquartered in Marmaris, and the port is their home base and a departure point to explore many other destinations. However, some companies in Fethiye and Gocek will run cruises that take in Marmaris as part of their itineraries. Marmaris is mainly served by Dalaman Airport, about a 90-minute drive away. You can also get to Marmaris from Bodrum airport; however, that is a longer 2-hour drive.

Getting to Dalman or Bodrum airports is relatively straightforward. Both locations are some of the main tourist destinations in Europe, so you will find lots of flights from different European cities. If you are flying from further afield, you will need to connect at a major European hub or in Istanbul.