Adventure Cruises in Turkey

Blessed with a long and beautiful coastline in Turkey cruises offer the chance to explore some of the lesser-known gems of this impressive part of the world. The shoreline is dotted with beautiful tiny islands, clear blue waters and long sandy beaches.

About Turkey cruises

Blessed with a long and beautiful coastline in Turkey cruises offer the chance to explore some of the lesser-known gems of this impressive part of the world. Along the southern coast of Turkey from Marmaris cruises will discover huge natural parks, tiny archipelagos and a host of modern and ancient cities and towns. The Turquoise Coast stretches from Bodrum to Alanya and is home to some of Turkey’s best-known holiday resorts. The shoreline is dotted with beautiful tiny islands, clear blue waters and long sandy beaches. The waters are also incredibly calm, especially in the bays and inlets of the smaller island groups. These are ideal places for sunbathing and swimming from a small ship cruise, and for the more adventurous, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and sea kayaking are all available.

To say Turkey has a rich history is something of an understatement, the coastline and islands are covered with ancient sites many of which are now found in abandoned locations. There are some locations such as Patara where visitors can have the best of both worlds, a long sandy beach with the remains of an ancient Roman city as well. One can visit several sunken ruins from a small ship cruise in Turkey. Some of these include the opportunity to snorkel or kayak around directly from your small cruise boat.

Best Turkey cruises and areas to visit

Cruises in Turkey can hop seamlessly from one beauty spot to the next, so you don’t have to miss the best of the amazing Turkish coastline. Small ship cruises mean you can be tucking into a delicious traditional meal on the streets of Marmaris one day and exploring the ancient ruins of Lycia the next.


The city of Bodrum is a port located on the southwest coast of Turkey, near Muğla province and this ancient city is a must-see for history enthusiasts. The modern-day port has an exciting and diverse culture, which can be seen in its many cruises headed out onto the water from where you will enjoy breathtaking views.  It has been called "the most beautiful place in Asia" because of its rich history and because it is home to one of the seven wonders of the world - The Mausoleum Of Halicarnassos, which holds some impressive temples. 

Yassica Islands

Within the Fethiye Gulf, as the five islands that make up the tiny archipelago of Yassica. The islands are all close together and believed to have joined once, as indicated by the presence of ancient ruins under the water. It is worth snorkeling around these ruins as it is one of few ruins that are not protected by a ban on swimmers. For those who prefer to explore the terrestrial history, there are also the ruins from the Byzantine period on the island of Haci Halil.


The main town of Dalyan is along the riverside with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside. The town is a popular hotspot for visitors who come to enjoy the lively atmosphere and visit the nearby ruins of Kaunos. Visitors can burn away the hours exploring the remains of the city and take in the spectacular tombs carved into the rock faces along the Dalyan river. Another one of the best-known beaches in southern Turkey is in Dalyan: Iztuzu Beach is known not only as a beautiful spot for swimming but also as a nesting site for loggerhead turtles. It is worth noting that while the beach is open to the public during the day, it is closed from eight in the evening to protect these turtles and their nests.


Close to the stunning resorts of Kas and Kalkan, the sunken ruins of Kekova are a perfect stop-off on a small ship cruise. Many will stop off overnight thanks to the ideal water conditions and the chance to see the remains of a true sunken city. The ruins can be seen from your small ship cruise or by sea kayak, which allows you to get up close and enjoy paddling around this lovely piece of coastline.

Best time to cruise in Turkey

The best time to cruise Turkey depends on your interests, budget and how much you love the heat. The summer months June to August are hot and can be slightly humid although this is less so by the coast where a sea breeze helps keep the evenings cool. The spring is an excellent time to visit on a small ship cruise of Turkey as the weather is generally sunny and warm but not as hot as the summer months making this a good time for historical visits and hiking. The Autumn is perfect if you enjoy some heat but also want warm waters, the water temperature remains high during the summer months, but the nights are not as hot and humid as in summer.

How to get to Turkey

Turkey has several international airports along its coastline, with the largest ones being at Marmaris and Antalya. These airports have direct flights from major European airports and seasonal flights are also available to smaller airports at Dalyan and Bodrum. For those traveling from further afield, it is possible to fly directly to Istanbul international airport and then on to the coastal airports from there. Once you are in Turkey, minibuses and private taxis are reasonably easy to use, and hiring a car is inexpensive; however, the roads can be very chaotic and at times, dangerous.

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