Ghazala Explorer 船宿, 埃及



CHU CHIAO W, 台湾 台湾
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  • Built in 2021 and renovated annually
  • Top-ranked in guest reviews
  • Bright, modern decor
  • North and South Red Sea itineraries available
  • 2 dive tenders for access to dive sites

The Ghazala Explorer liveaboard in Egypt is a modern 37mtr/121ft motor yacht offering itineraries throughout the Red Sea area. It can take up to 24 guests in 12 air-conditioned, ensuite cabins, consisting of 9 twin bed and 3 double bed cabins, including suites. Ghazala Explorer has a spacious, bright indoor dining and lounge area for guests to enjoy prepared meals or relax with a drink. There is a sun deck with seating areas, bean bags, and either covered or open areas for those who prefer to be in the sunshine. A large dive deck to the rear allows storage of dive equipment and plenty of space to get ready for dives, and the rear platform makes getting on and off the tenders more accessible.

Ghazala Explorer liveaboard offers divers a wide choice of itineraries throughout the Red Sea, including favorites such as the Thistlegorm wreck, Abu Nuhas, Brothers, Ras Mohammed, Daedalus, Elphinstone, and St. John's. The Red Sea offers divers so much diversity in marine life and healthy corals; whichever itinerary you choose, you'll be amazed at the underwater world in Egypt.

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包括: 增值税, 国家公园费用, 港口费, 燃油附加费, 机场接送, 酒店接送, 欢迎鸡尾酒, 茶&咖啡, 饮用水, 提供全餐, 零食, Night Dives, 潜水套餐, 高氧, WiFi网络, 客舱毛巾, 沙滩毛巾, 甲板毛巾.

可选费用: 小费, 高压氧舱费用, 软饮料, 酒精饮料, 水肺深潜课程, 私人深潜指导, 租赁设备, 高氧课程, 浮潜装备, 陆上远足.


* 额外费用是每人

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  • 相机站
  • 每日整理房间
  • 影音娱乐
  • 图书馆
  • 空调交谊厅
  • 冷气客舱
  • 日光浴甲板
  • 室内交谊厅
  • 适宜于非深潜员(浮潜者)
  • 温水淋浴
  • 户外用餐
  • 专为潜水打造
  • 充电站
  • 独立卫浴
  • 免费网络
  • 无烟室
  • 外部淋浴
  • 家庭客舱
  • 海景客舱
  • 分区相机冲洗台
  • 专业当地和 国际船员
  • 休闲甲板
  • 观景甲板
  • 酒吧
  • 租船特许


  • 西式美食
  • 素食选项
  • 自助餐
  • 啤酒供应
  • 全天供应小吃
  • 素食选项
  • 葡萄酒供应
  • 沙滩烧烤

如果您有特定的饮食要求,您可以在预订表格的第2步中将此添加到您的特殊要求中。 我们建议,这些要求仅限于宗教信仰或食物过敏。


  • DIN适配器
  • 提供高氧
  • 冲洗龙头
  • 深潜甲板
  • 深潜供应船
  • 侧挂深潜
  • 遮阳深潜区
  • 免费高氧

工作人员讲话 English, German, 和 Spanish.


船上提供深潜设备租赁服务,请在订购表格中填写您的租赁需求。 详细设备及价格信息请参照下文。 显示价格.




  • 建成年份 2021
  • 长度 37 meters
  • 最大船宽 8.2 meters
  • 最高速度 13 knots
  • 巡航速度 11 knots
  • 引擎 2 x MAN 1100 Hp
  • 最大载客量 24
  • 客舱数量 12
  • 浴室数量 14
  • 供应船 2
  • 水容量 12 tons
  • 燃料容量 20 tons
  • 淡水机 2 * 7 tons each


  • 雷达
  • 测深仪
  • 全球定位系统
  • 无线电VHF / DSC / SSB
  • E.P.I.R.B.求救系统
  • 救生艇
  • 救生背心
  • 火警和灭火器
  • 氧气
  • 急救箱
  • 探鱼器
  • 卫星和移动电话
  • 舱底泵预警
  • 搜索灯
  • 引擎室闭路电视
  • 船员受过急救训练
  • 紧急照明弹

Ghazala Explorer 评论标题

  • 9.7 优秀
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  2. 船员
  3. 食物
  4. 深潜
  5. 价格
  • 10 优秀
  • 台湾 台湾


  • 10 优秀
  • Marceau R
  • 美国 美国
Everything was excellent

Everything was excellent. The cabins are spacious and the bathrooms are excellent. There was plenty of hot water for the showers. The food was excellent, and all of the crew were great. The jot tea after the dive is a nice touch.

Cabin, food, diving
  • 10 优秀
  • Gianna B
  • 德国 德国
1st live aboard and definetly not the last!

This was my frist and definetly not last live aboard! I had a great experience overall. The boat was spacious and well equipt, the crew was super attentive and helpful. Another massive thank you must go to the three guides who were always there to help with a smile, loads of experience and great knowledge of the reefs and wrecks we dived. As a newish diver I felt comfortable in all the sites despite currents or tight spaces due to the detailed briefings and trust I had in the guides. Thank you so much Ocean Tribe for making this an unforgettable experience!

The crew was phenomenal! They were super attentive, organised and made sure guests had everything they needed for a comfortable trip.. The dive sites were beautiful. The boat is spacious and has everything you could possibly need..
  • 10 优秀
  • Patrick F
  • 瑞士 瑞士
Great boat and crew for a diving cruise

The dives were obviously the best part of the trip.

Best crew, great food
  • 10 优秀
  • Mario S
  • 瑞士 瑞士
A awesome Team with the best kitchen on the red sea. We made a emergency check on the boat just in case. The Dive Spots at the South was great.

Hammerhead shark Silky shark Oceanic manta Tresher shark Colorful coralls

Crew, Kitchen, dive spots
  • 10 优秀
  • Kwan Lun C
  • 香港 香港
Best liveaboard ever

All the crew are helpful and professional. Although there is some issue happened, they handled with extremely quick response. The ship is clean and comfortable. The food there is world class!

Food, crew, facility
  • 10 优秀
  • Emil L
  • 芬兰 芬兰
Ghazala rocka you to sleep and your world

Unforgettable crew, amazing diving and nice guests.

Cabins are fresch and roomy with own toilet. Food could not be better. The feeling of saftey in the middle of the sea.
  • 8.0 很好
  • Elena D
  • 瑞士 瑞士
Very happy about my Trip!

I‘m really very happy about to chose this boath, because everything was perfect… friendly crew, beautiful boath very clean amd the food was amazing! Thank you again guys! i will come back of sure👌🏽

Boath top! Food Top! Crew Top!
  • 9.6 优秀
  • Timothee V
  • 法国 法国
Amazing liveaboard

Really a great experience, the boat is very good and the whole crew is amazing and does their best to make sure you have a great time.

Boat, crew, food
  • 9.6 优秀
  • Puck V
  • 荷兰 荷兰
Amazing comfortable divetrip and very friendly crew

Diveguides were very helpful through diving itself not so spectacular. Of course Nice coral but no big fishes. Wrecks were very nice though on this trip (North wrecks and reefs).

Great hut, good food and yummie deserts