Galapagos Aggressor III 船宿, 加拉帕戈斯

  • Rating 9.1 out of 10 9.1 高超
    • 提供高氧
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“The Aggressor exuded excellence at every opportunity. I was truly amazed. Diving was world class. Highly recommend this operato…”

Robert B, 国旗 美国 美国

M / V Galapagos Aggressor III号是一艘32米长,时尚,豪华的船宿游艇,全年可安排深潜巡游旅行,带您参观世界上最令人振奋的深潜地。MV Galapagos Aggressor III号将带潜水员探索清澈透明的海水,及海中多种多样的海洋生物,如金枪鱼,蝠鲼,锤头鲨,鲸鲨和海狮等。Aggressor III每天提供四次炫酷十足的水肺潜水以及两次壮观的夜间潜水。潜水设施包括带个人储物柜的大型潜水平台,空气/氮氧充注站,冲洗水箱,带低压空气软管的三层摄像机桌和2个温暖的淡水淋浴器。



包括: 增值税, 机场接送, 晚餐葡萄酒, 茶&咖啡, 软饮料, 酒精饮料, 饮用水, 提供全餐, 零食, 潜水套餐, 免费洗浴用品, 客舱毛巾.

必选费用: 国家公园费用 (100-200 USD 每次行程), 签证费用 (20 USD 每次行程).

可选费用: 旅行保险, 潜水保险, 小费, 本地航班, 水肺深潜课程, 租赁设备, 额外深潜, 高氧课程, 浮潜装备.

立即预订,稍后付款: 您可以轻松地在线预订。我们将为您保留位置,您可以稍后确认后再付款。

* 额外费用是每人


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Galapagos Aggressor III 评论标题

  • Rating 9.1 out of 10
  • 9.1 高超
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  • Rating 10 out of 10
  • 10 优秀
  • Robert B
  • 国旗 美国 美国

Trip of a lifetime!

The Aggressor exuded excellence at every opportunity. I was truly amazed. Diving was world class. Highly recommend this operator!

Amazing service, amazing diving, amazing people!
  • Rating 9.6 out of 10
  • 9.6 优秀
  • Phillip P
  • 国旗 美国 美国

Galapagos Exceeded Expectations

Drift diving, cave diving and side trips. Sharks! Sharks! Sharks! Galapagos, Reef, Hammerheads, Tiger and WHALE! Manta Rays, Pilot Whales, Dolphins, Eagle, Marbled and common Rays, Sea Lions, Fur Seals, Turtles, Eels and SO MUCH MORE. We are advanced/technical divers but this was our first trip to Galapagos. Liveaboard accommodations were the obvious choice to reach Darwin, Wolf and other remote locations. We chose the Aggressor III due to reviews and availability. The LiveAboard staff were easily reachable via phone and email during trip planning and offered guidance regarding hotels in Ecuador and flights to and from Galapagos and Ecuador. They were also able to prepare for and accommodate onboard equipment requests such as DIN tanks, air selection and tank size during the planning phase of our trip. FYI GEAR/EXPERIENCE LEVEL TIP: To stay SAFE and ensure all guests have an enjoyable dive experience on the Galapagos Aggressor I agree with most reviews here: Divers should have 100+ dives and experience in currents/drift diving. This should NOT be an inexperienced diver's early destination. Buoyancy control is a must. We struggled deciding on type of diving suits to bring but ultimately decided to forego drysuits and took our 7mil and 3 mil wetsuits. Water temperatures were generally warm (27C/81F) but inside the currents the temperature could be as low as 23C/73F. If you run hot a 3 mil would likely suffice but a 7mil was more than adequate and even kept my wife warm (who is a bit of a freeze baby.) Galapagos is a remote and protected marine reserve - wildlife does not scatter at the first sight of human presence. The birds, fish, turtles, seals and sharks were generally oblivious to our presence (you could actually swim INTO and WITH schools of fish AND SHARKS!) which was simply amazing. Galapagos had the entire western coast of the archipelago closed to vessels due to H1N1 concerns (still not sure whether there was actually an outbreak) so we missed the opportunity to visit sites known for Marine Iguanas and Mola Mola. Although this forced the captain and crew to alter their normal 7 day travel route they planned alternative dive sites to fill the gap that were fantastic on their own merit. On a couple of occasions during dive intervals Lenin (our dive guide) would spot an opportunity to explore the ocean surface to experience snorkeling with dolphins and pilot whales or ride the skiff into the middle of a feeding frenzy with boobies above and tuna below the waterline. We loved these impromptu adventures and the entire crew's enthusiastic approach to exploring and fully experience the islands. The food was fresh and plentiful during our stay with plenty to eat and yet very little waste by the chef and his staff. The menu throughout the week consisted of Ecuadorian/Galapagos dishes - fresh but not exceptionally seasoned. Winter (our Steward) was timely and courteous - greeting us for all meals, snacks between dives and beverages after our last dive each day. The entire ship, guest cabins and all restrooms were cleaned or refreshed by the staff throughout the day every day. The dive deck was kept organized with the help of our crew and had secured cabinets for charging and storing dive equipment. There was ample space for hanging rinsed gear on the dive deck and fresh warm towels were available after every dive. The positive attitude and welcoming demeanor of the staff and crew were more than enough to compensate for any deficiencies onboard - although I struggle to think of any! If you're well trained and considering a bucket list trip of a lifetime the folks at LiveAboard and the Aggressor III are capable and waiting for you!

Dive sites, organization and service
  • Rating 8.8 out of 10
  • 8.8 极好
  • Kim W
  • 国旗 美国 美国

Hammerhead Conveyor and Dolphins Schools

The diving at Wolf Island was spectactular. We encountered a hammerhead and Galapagis shark virtual train that went on for more time they we could stay. The school of sharks was about 50 feet top to bottom and reef out in the blue as far as visibility allowed to see. We sat on the rocks for more than 20 minutes to watch the converyor belt of sharks. Playing with schools of dolphins at the surface was pretty amazing as well. Groups of 6 to 20 would zip around while we were completing the safety stops. The boat crew was very attentive and anticipated most everything you would desire. Good food with loads of Hot soup to warm you after the cold dives. Sealions joined us regularily throughout the trips. One European diver said the species diversity of the pelagics were way beyond their expectations. The diving is at your own limits as the guides are probably staying deeper and longer than most divers can. Overall the lack of iguana diving was missed but what was available of next level for sure.

Sharks, Rays and Dolphins



  • Nicole Laughlin
  • Ester Canali
  • Andrea Martinez
  • Mylene Issartial
  • Oksana Kovaleva
  • Laura Babahekian
  • Juliane Ball