Adventure Cruises in Bodrum

Considered by many the home of Turkish sailing, Bodrum cruises are an experience to remember. The peninsula has a rich and diverse history, including one of the original seven wonders of the world, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. The stunning weather makes adventure cruises to Bodrum the perfect way to stay away for a week or two. There are incredible beaches, ancient sites, and a busy nightlife on land, from eateries and small bars to enormous hyper nightclubs. Visiting Bodrum, there is something for every age and every taste to take home some stunning memories.

Top Things to Do in Bodrum

Sailing around Bodrum, there is never enough time to catch up with all the stunning locations, exciting history, and beautiful places to chill out and relax. The top things to do in Bodrum include:

The Gulf of Gokova. It is an area of stunning natural beauty with many interesting inlets, anchoring points, and many restaurants serving delicious food. The gulf's southern side has many beautiful islands to explore, while the northern side has plenty of restaurants. The bay is the perfect location to explore the natural beauty of Bodrum, swim, eat, and generally relax.

No trip to Bodrum would be complete without visiting the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus or its ruins. The former wonder of the ancient world lies in the middle of the city, close to its marina. The site has lost some glory since its heyday around 350 BC. However, there is still enough left to appreciate the grandeur of the mausoleum, which reached a height of 45 m (148 ft) and had carved pillars on all four sides.

Bodrum Castle presents a dive into medieval European history. The castle lay in Bodrum city and was built by the Knights of St. John from 1402 onwards. The knights did not get to hold on to it for very long, and shortly after its completion in the late 15th century, it was conquered by the Ottoman Turks. Aside from exploring history, the castle is also home to the famous Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Cleopatra Island, whose proper name is Sedir Adasi, is well worth a day trip. The island is littered with Roman ruins, including a Roman amphitheater with a capacity for 1,500 spectators. In addition, there are lots of historical builds and little snippets of history to explore, including many pillars with ancient writings on them and more. The gorgeous white sandy beach (featuring a type of sand generally only found in North African deserts) - legend has it that it was imported from Egypt for Anthony and Cleopatra's honeymoon.

Top Tips for visiting Bodrum (where applicable)

  • With so many things to do on land when visiting Bodrum, be prepared for lots of walking, especially in the height of summer. Sandals and thongs are great for chilling, but if you are going to be walking around exploring ruins and lots of historical sites in the sun, you should bring a good pair of walking shoes.
  • Remember, the area can be scorching in the height of summer, so remember to bring sunscreen. More importantly, if you are outdoors exploring in the sun, it is best to have a good hat to keep the sun off your head.
  • Again, with lots of opportunities to spend hours outdoors in the sun, having a portable insulated bottle of water is a great idea, especially if it is an environmental one where you can keep refiling it.

Best time to cruise Bodrum

Blessed with a Mediterranean climate, you can visit and sail in Bodrum from March to October every year. The height of the season and when the cruising conditions are at their best is from June to August. However, this is the busiest tourist season when prices are at their highest, and the weather is hottest, with average temperatures during July and August around 34C/93.2F.

If you prefer to be away from the crowds, visiting during the shoulder season from March to May or September and October is a great option. While the sites are not as busy, and the weather is cooler, it can get chilly at night, especially at sea.

Where do Bodrum cruises depart from?

Most multi-day or one-week cruises to Bodrum depart from Bodrum itself. However, many weekly itineraries also depart from Marmaris and take in Bodrum. If you want to take in a longer 2 or 3-week itinerary, some itineraries depart from more distant locations.

Getting to Bodrum is relatively simple from around the world. The city is served by the Milas-Bodrum International Airport (BJV), which is located 36 km north of Bodrum (about 45-minute drive) and is served by a host of international airlines. There are many options for flying from Europe to Bodrum. If you are flying from further afield, you will need to connect in Europe, the Middle East, or Istanbul before heading to Bodrum.