Small Ship Cruises in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat cruises explore one of the most beautiful archipelagos in all of Southeast Asia. Just off West Papua’s Bird's Head Peninsula, and comprising the main islands of Misool, Batanta, Waigeo and Salawati, known as the Four Kings, Raja Ampat also includes over a thousand smaller islands and islets covered in lush jungle and ringed with towering cliffs and resplendent beaches. The area cannot be properly explored without spending time both above and beneath the water’s surface. The island interiors feature mysterious caves and remnants of ancient civilizations, including cave paintings and submerged cemeteries, while under the waves await encounters with sharks, manta rays and barracudas.

Top things to do and see in Raja Ampat

A sailing trip through Raja Ampat offers a taste of everything that makes this region so special, from the cave paintings and karst islets of Misool to spotting birds of paradise on Waigeo, and hiking to the waterfalls of Batanta. Not to mention, the superb snorkelling and diving in the area.

The Misool archipelago includes the main island of Misool along with dozens of karst islets. The base of these tiny islands has been eroded by water and time, giving them the appearance of giant stone mushrooms sprouting from the turquoise waters. At Tomolol Bay, visitors on Raja Ampat cruises can swim within the island’s fascinating cathedral-like cave, an unforgettable experience. To play Indiana Jones, drift among the islets in search of prehistoric cave paintings and undersea graveyards.

Small boat cruises to Batanta take visitors into its lush jungle interior. Local guides from the coastal village of Arefi lead travellers through mangrove forests to a series of spectacular waterfalls. The more adventurous will hike deep into the jungle and see still taller and bigger falls, but all visitors will be given the opportunity to swim and relax in natural pools surrounded by mangrove trees and the sounds of island birds.

Waigeo, the archipelago’s largest island, is nearly bisected by the massive, fjord-like Mayalibit Bay. Here, visitors explore the island’s awesome caves, led by a guide from Lopinol village. Visitors will also trek to Sapoken village where they will not only enjoy a close look into local life on the island but may also learn about conservation and community-building efforts in the region. The village of Sapoken is also one of the best spots to see the Red Bird of Paradise and Wilson’s Bird of Paradise.

The Wayag Islands are for those intrepid visitors in search of a little adventure on their Raja Ampat luxury cruise. These karst islets have been shaped by time into an otherworldly series of rocky cliffs, jagged peaks and secluded coves. Crystal clear waters lap at white sand beaches, while the stone spires can be climbed, offering panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Snorkelling and kayaking are popular activities among the islands of Raja Ampat. The area is known as a biodiversity hotspot, with much of its wildlife found beneath the waves. The coral reefs here are host to an enormous variety of marine life, from sharks, grouper and manta rays, to seahorses, barracudas and Napoleon wrasse. The waters here are so clear that even those visitors who prefer to stay dry can spot cruising sharks and rays from the comfort of a kayak, their cruise ship or an overwater hut.

Village visits in Raja Ampat offer insight into the lives of the various tribes inhabiting the islands. Each tribe has its own set of cultural traditions, often expressed through song and dance. The people of West Waigeo, for example, perform ceremonial songs using the suling tambur, a traditional bamboo flute. Visitors may also witness the villagers’ unique Papuan fishing techniques and will have the chance to purchase local handicrafts and foods.

Top Tips for visiting Raja Ampat

  • A waterproof flashlight can be useful for exploring the caves of Misool.
  • If you have one, prepare to put your underwater camera to work,
  • Visits to Batanata include a fair amount of trekking, so wear good walking shoes.
  • Note that the region has microclimates, meaning that, even as the sun shines on one island, a nearby isle could be experiencing showers. Be prepared for the occasional shower, regardless of the time of year.
  • Waters can be rougher in June and July, so travellers susceptible to seasickness will want to pack extra medication or avoid visiting during this time of year.

Best time to cruise Raja Ampat

Anytime is the best time to visit the islands of Raja Ampat. Weather and water conditions in the area are generally good year round. However, visitors should always plan ahead, given that, in addition to the usual wet and dry seasons of Southeast Asia, Raja Ampat also has a windy season.

Raja Ampat in October to April is the dry season, though there can be some heavy rains in December and January. That said, these rains are usually brief and localized.

May to October in Raja Ampat bring the wet season, but again, the rains usually do not last more than a few hours and are less dramatic than in other parts of Southeast Asia.

June and July in Raja Ampat is unofficially known as the windy season, when waters may be rougher. This should not affect snorkelling conditions but may mean that small boat cruises will be moderately less comfortable, especially for travellers prone to seasickness.

There is no best time to see wildlife or enjoy the snorkelling in Raja Ampat. There is something to see all year round

Where do Raja Ampat cruises depart from?

Indonesian luxury cruises to Raja Ampat typically depart from Sorong, on West Papua. International visitors will usually fly into Jakarta or Bali (the sites of Indonesia’s two main international airports) then connect with domestic flights to Sorong possibly through Makassar or Manado, on Sulawesi Island. It is recommended that visitors fly to Makassar or Manado the day before their Raja Ampat departure from Sorong.

Most international flights to Indonesia fly into Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, or Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport, also known as Denpasar International Airport. Both these airports operate as hubs within Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

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Great some quite challenging but always interesting

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Great view sites, interesting looks at the local village life and economy. Bird of Paradise viewing was something you don't see everyday!

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