Liveaboard Diving in Andaman Islands

Diving the Andaman Islands is best done by liveaboard if you wish to enjoy the full potential of these remote islands. Scuba divers can explore pristine coral reefs with abundant marine life with some of the most unspoiled diving on the planet. Though part of India, the Andaman Islands lie in the Andaman Sea, close to Myanmar and Thailand. Diving is possible year-round and most Andaman Islands dive liveaboards depart from Port Blair.

The best time to dive is between January and April each year when the water temperature is 28C, and the visibility is at its optimum at 25m+Reefs are teeming with rays, reef sharks, groupers, turtles and octopus, schooling snapper, and barracuda, plus plenty of colorful reef fish species rarely seen in other dive destinations. Numerous dive sites in the Andaman Islands include Barren Island, Havelock Island, and the Nicobar Islands. Minerva's Ledge is a popular new dive site known primarily for its dizzying array of fish life among sparse coral and sand. After scuba divers plunge in and settle down on the sandy bottom, the fish quickly overcome their shyness and congregate in great masses. Divers are surrounded by thousands of spectacular fish, including Napoleon wrasse, eagle rays, and whitetip sharks. Purple Haze is one of Andaman Island’s most popular dive sites, known for its spectacular soft corals while at Fish Rock, huge dogtooth tuna, sharks, groupers, and bump head parrotfish congregate. Other popular Andaman Island dive sites include Black Magic, Dixon’s Pinnacle, Johnny’s Gorge, and North Cinque. For a unique experience, you can also dive with the resident elephant at Havelock Island too!