Liveaboard Diving in Scoresby Sund

What to expect on a Scoresby Sund Liveaboard.

A Scoresby Sund liveaboard experience provides the opportunity to go polar diving in one of the world’s most exciting destinations: Greenland. Located in the eastern part of Greenland, and known locally as Kangertittivaq, Scoresby Sund is the world’s largest fjord. Your liveaboard trip will include other exciting activities too, such as, for example, spotting the incredible northern lights, observing wildlife, learning more about the local culture and history, admiring scenic vistas, shore excursions, and riding in a zodiac boat.

Expedition cruises to Scoresby Sund are available for seven nights. You will sail on a specialist vessel that has been strengthened to sail through ice, a must for adventures in the Arctic.

The stretching coastline is dotted with several small islands. Landscapes include enormous icebergs and glaciers. Wildlife that calls the area home includes polar bears, seals, whales, narwhals, walruses, musk ox, and an array of birds. Diverse fish and other sea creatures inhabit the waters. You can explore the icy waters with some adrenaline-fuelled ice diving or diving from a boat.

Scoresby Sund Underwater

While the northern lights occur all year round, they are not visible during the summer months due to the long hours of daylight. September to April is the prime time for a cruise to Scoresby Sund if you are hoping to spot wonders in the sky as well as underwater. September is one of the best months to visit Scoresby Sund, as the daytime temperatures are still fairly mild (around 0 degrees Celsius / 32 degrees Fahrenheit), there is a chance of seeing the northern lights, ships can still traverse the waters, and water temperatures hover around -1 degree Celsius (30.2 degrees Fahrenheit). Additionally, underwater visibility is good in September.

June to August is the warmest period at Scoresby Sund, and mid-May typically sees the longest hours of daylight. October and November, on the other hand, see almost no sunlight.

Dive Sites & Areas of Scoresby Sund

Joining a luxury liveaboard in Scoresby Sund will take you to various fascinating destinations, some of which offer terrific underwater adventures.

The Denmark Strait is a terrific spot for keen bird-watchers, with an assortment of feathered creatures found in the area. As the vessel gets closer to Kap Brewster, look out for large icebergs glistening in the waters. There are glaciers aplenty along the picturesque Volquart Boons Coast, where you may have the opportunity to explore a glacier by foot. Danmarks Ø has an old historic settlement that was abandoned a couple of centuries ago. Sail through stunning icebergs to reach Cape Hofmann Halvø, a wildlife-rich place with impressive scenery. Other destinations you may visit on your Scoresby Sund liveaboard include Sydkap, Jameson Land, and the largest (though still tiny) local settlement of Ittoqqortoormiit.

Tips For Divers & Polar Diving Considerations

Only experienced divers should consider scuba diving in Scoresby Sund. Indeed, it is recommended that you have completed at least 30 dives, including some in cold conditions, before joining a dive holiday to Scoresby Sund.

You will need to take appropriate cold water diving gear for a diving in Greenland vacation. Dry diving suits with a hood, boots, and gloves are essential. You should also take a weight belt, torch, knife, compass, and depth gauge, as well as a snorkel, mask, and fins.

It is important that people keep in mind that there are no decompression units in the Arctic. Although there are doctors and experienced dive masters on board, emergency assistance can be several hours away.

Conditions around Scoresby Sund can be rainy; packing waterproof gear can make life on deck more comfortable in wet conditions. Make sure that you take enough warm clothes and plan to dress in layers.

It’s highly likely that you’ll want to capture your fabulous memories, so don’t forget your camera(s)! A tripod helps you to get excellent shots of the landscapes, a zoom lens is great for snapping awesome photos of distant wildlife, and an underwater camera can help you relive your magical memories once you return home.

The local currency in Greenland is the Danish krone. If you will spend some time in Iceland before or after your trip, the local currency is the Icelandic krona.

Getting to Scoresby Sund in the Arctic

Most liveaboard adventures to Scoresby Sund depart from Akureyri in the north of Iceland. The Icelandic “northern capital” is served by a small airport - Akureyri International Airport (AEY). Most flights in and out of the airport are domestic services. The easiest way to reach the departure point for your Greenland cruise is to fly to the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik and then take an internal flight to Akureyri. Reykjavik is served by Keflavík International Airport (KEF), the largest airport in the country and the nation’s main air hub. It is served by flights from various global destinations and there are regular onward flights to Akureyri.

Scoresby Sund Diving Reviews

  • 9.1 Superb
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  • 9.2 Superb
  • Rudolpho M
  • United States United States

Absolutely amazing. Off the beaten path and well worth the venture.

Diving Scoresby Sund in January on the Sula

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Kathryn C
  • New Zealand New Zealand

Perfect! With the right number of base layers under our drysuits we were warm enough despite being in the Arctic. Spending our days jumping in and out of the water with orcas was a dream come true.

Diving Scoresby Sund in January on the Sula