Dive Sites and Areas of The Azores

An archipelago located in the Atlantic ocean consisting of nine islands and well known for its amazing marine diversity and underwater landscapes. São Miguel Island is the main island of this area and hosts the main city Ponta Delgada.

Santa Maria Island is the southernmost island of the Azores and has become known as a good place in summer to see Whale sharks at Baixa do Ambrósio (Ambrosio Reef).

Princess Alice Bank is located southwest of Pico Island and is a seamount, approximately 32 meters from the surface, which is well known for its sightings of schooling Mobula rays as well as larger pelagics. Due to its remote location, strong currents can be found here, but this is also what draws in the marine life such as Tuna, Wahoo & even Blue Marlin

Formigas Islets is a group of uninhabited rocky islands to the southeast of São Miguel Island which is also a marine reserve. Apart from having great visibility, it’s a great place to spot Mobula rays, Galapagos sharks, Oceanic manta rays & possibly even Hammerhead sharks. It also allows divers to access the popular seamount Dollabarat Bank which hosts numerous plateaus between 5-40 metres, recommended only for experienced divers. Wreck diving is also possible on the nearby Olympia Wreck.

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