Mary Island Liveaboard Diving

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Mary Island Liveaboard Diving

Liveaboard Diving in Mary Island

What to Expect On a Mary Island Liveaboard

A Mary Island Liveaboard dive trip is the optimal way to sail to and explore this remote site. Mary Island, properly known as Mborokua, is an uninhabited, jungle-covered, extinct volcano lying exposed in open water between Russell Islands and Marovo Lagoon in the Solomon Islands. The warm water (85°F/30°C) around Mary Island has been reported to be so clear that divers felt they were flying. In contrast, it may be difficult to see too far ahead due to mass schools of fish surrounding visiting divers. As wind and current swept rock in the open ocean, diving Mary Island via liveaboard is weather dependent.

What You Can See

A liveaboard cruise to Mary Island is notable for visiting underwater points extending out from the island itself that commonly host swirling schools of barracuda and jacks. These prime dive sites are steep wall dives with high-voltage pelagic action. Divers often report seeing mantas as well as sharks. Ghost pipefish, leaffish, shrimp gobies, and beautiful tropical fish of all sizes rule the reef encrusted walls. This is an exemplary area for your wide-angle lens, possibly capturing the action from inside an immense school of fish. Mary Island has thrilled many a photographer aboard a liveaboard dive cruise.

Mary Island Dive Sites

Barracuda Point is aptly named as it is a submerged point that attracts huge schools of silvery barracuda and jacks. The current surrounding this site ensures both small and large life will be abundant. Mary Corner is the second point extending off of Mary Island that may be accessed depending on the weather. Schools of unicornfish and fusiliers can keep divers entertained along with usual hunters, barracuda, and tuna.

Anchor Point is just that, where the boat itself may be able to tie off, weather permitting. There are bommies nearby covered in coral gardens. Nearby, caverns, and swim-throughs formed by ancient volcanic activity can be examined.

Getting to Mary Island Dive Sites

Honiara is the capital and primary port of arrival and departure for Solomon Islands liveaboards and lies on the northern shore of Guadalcanal Island. All liveaboard dive cruises depart from Honiara. Mary Island can be explored as part of longer itineraries along with the Florida Islands and Russel Islands.

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