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Ocean Hunter 3

Ocean Hunter 3

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The Ocean Hunter III is a custom-designed liveaboard, solely to meet the demands of scuba divers. The 29m boat holds 8 spacious cabins, each equipped with private bathroom facilities and AC.

    Ocean Hunter 3
    Palau Siren

    Palau Siren

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    • Free Nitrox

    The beautifully crafted 40m SY, Palau Siren, was built specially to meet the demanding requirements of divers, to ensure the ultimate liveaboard experience for up to 16 guests.

      Palau Siren
      Solitude One

      Solitude One

      from US$ 381 / day
      9.3 "Superb"

      Philippines and MicronesiaUS$3,080 from

      The 52m ex-merchant vessel, the Solitude One, was completely refurbished in 2013 and is equipped with 10 absolutely stunning cabins to ensure the best dive holiday to the Philippines and Micronesia.

      Solitude One

      What to expect from a Peleliu liveaboard

      Liveaboard diving to Peleliu means exploring Pelagic Paradise located in Palau. The dive site itself is called the Peleliu Wall and Cut and it provides divers with an underwater sea wall, plateau reef and the chance to see one of the largest varieties of pelagic fish species ever. It is located in the southern reef of Peleliu island which is 55km (34mi) from Koror, so approximately 60-80 minutes by speedboat. This dive site has the strongest currents in Palau as there are ocean currents flowing around the archipelago and converging, causing these strong currents. The positive side of this is that it is a great place for a drift dive; you get dropped off at one end of the wall, which is located on the western side of the island, drift along it to the corner which as the southern end of the reef, and hook on there to enjoy the marine life in that area.

      The depths vary from the top of the reef down to the plateau measuring 10-30m (30 to 90ft) and it is the deepest reef structure in Palau, Micronesia. Divers on a Peleliu liveaboard will notice that the visibility is above average and ranges from 25m (75ft) up to 50m (100ft), it is also very dependent on the tides. Because the currents are so strong, they need to always be monitored and the stronger they are, the more advanced of a diver you need to be. All Peleliu liveaboards will provide divers with multiple experiences; the chance to drift dive, to see many pelagic fish species and to learn more about the history of the island during WWII.

      What You Can See

      The reef plateau and sea wall are filled with corals of all shapes, sizes and colours. There are bright yellow soft corals, long strings of cable corals, black corals and many sea fans that cover these areas. Just as colourful are the many different species of tropical fish, which inhabit this reef, including many species of butterfly fish, sergeant majors, Bumphead parrotfish and Anthias. These smaller fish are what attract the main attraction of this dive site; the many pelagic fish which come to feed here. If you are lucky whilst on your Peleliu liveaboard, you will get to witness the predator-prey behaviour. You will have the highest chance of seeing sharks, including Tiger sharks, Bullsharks and Blacktip reef sharks. On a luckier day you will also see whale sharks and blue Marlins, and on the luckiest day you will see Orcas and Sperm whales. You can also visit the island itself as on land there are many opportunities to learn more about what happened there during WWII.

      Getting To Peleliu

      To get to this site, or to get to any Micronesia liveaboards which will be visiting this area, then you will need to make your way to Koror, which is the largest city in Palau. The airport is located on the island of Babeldaob which is connected by a bridge to Koror. The airport is called The Roman Tmetuchl International Airport. There are only five destinations which have outgoing flights to Palau, so you would have to fly to one of these first; Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Guam. There is an airport on the island of Peleliu but only very few chartered flights fly here. Any Peleliu liveaboards will depart from the Malakal Harbour in Koror.

      Peleliu Diving Reviews

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      Lyn L
      United States
      Very good

      Ahh..the best, warm water, the night dives we way awesome!

      Diving Peleliu in September on the Palau Siren
      United States

      Very nice dives in Peleliu. Especially the second one was especially rich in coral life. Beautiful, beautiful colors and all kinds of corals.

      Diving Peleliu in December on the Palau Siren
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