Queenesia II 船宿, 印度尼西亚


“The boat is very nicely equipped, the common areas are pleasant. The crew went out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable…”

Steven S, 美国 美国


  • Luxury phinisi experience
  • Dive into the top sites of Indonesia

The Queenesia II is a beautiful 32meter/105ft long phinisi liveaboard in Indonesia. This boat was built in 2016 and is made of ironwood, making it sturdy and durable. The Queenesia II accommodates up to 16 guests comfortably in 7 cabins: 1 master cabin, 1 main deck double cabin, 3 double cabins, and 2 triple cabins. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshments, and mineral water, as well as tea and coffee, are included in the trip. Dives from Queenesia II follow a 1-to-4 dive guide-to-guest ratio.

The areas visited by Queenesia II include Manta Point, Komodo National Park, Crystal Rock, Castle Rock, and Batu Bolong reef. These areas are known for their stunning corals, abundant fish life, and clear waters. Manta Point is a must-see as this dive spot is known for its large population of Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, Clown Triggerfish, and Unicorn fish. The average visibility in Komodo is 20 to 30 meters, and guests can see Manta Rays & White tip sharks. Crystal Rock is popular due to its colorful corals and diverse fish life, including moray eels, scorpion fish, as well as Tuna and Mackerel. Castle Rock is an excellent spot for seeing larger pelagic fish such as barracuda, trevallies, and mackerel. Sharks are often spotted here as well. Batu Bolong reef is covered in corals, anthias and other reef fish, sharks, napoleon wrasse, and Manta Rays. For macro lovers, there are nudibranchs in the shallow reef area.

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包括: 增值税, 机场接送, 酒店接送, 茶&咖啡, 饮用水, 提供全餐, 零食, Night Dives, 博物学者指南, 浮潜导游, 陆上远足, 免费洗浴用品, 客舱毛巾, 沙滩毛巾, 甲板毛巾.

必选费用: 国家公园费用 (19 USD 每天).

可选费用: 小费, 软饮料, 酒精饮料, 租赁设备.


* 额外费用是每人

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  • 相机站
  • 每日整理房间
  • 空调交谊厅
  • 冷气客舱
  • 日光浴甲板
  • 室内交谊厅
  • 适宜于非深潜员(浮潜者)
  • 温水淋浴
  • 户外用餐
  • 专为潜水打造
  • 充电站
  • 独立卫浴
  • 外部淋浴
  • 家庭客舱
  • 海景客舱
  • 带阳台房间
  • 分区相机冲洗台
  • 专业当地和 国际船员
  • 船员乘客1:1服务率
  • 休闲甲板
  • 观景甲板
  • 酒吧
  • 租船特许


  • 西式美食
  • 当地美食
  • 素食选项
  • 自助餐
  • 啤酒供应
  • 全天供应小吃
  • 精品葡萄酒可选
  • 免费软饮料
  • 露天晚餐

如果您有特定的饮食要求,您可以在预订表格的第2步中将此添加到您的特殊要求中。 我们建议,这些要求仅限于宗教信仰或食物过敏。


  • DIN适配器
  • 冲洗龙头
  • 深潜甲板
  • 深潜供应船
  • 遮阳深潜区



船上提供深潜设备租赁服务,请在订购表格中填写您的租赁需求。 详细设备及价格信息请参照下文。 显示价格.




  • 建成年份 2016
  • 翻修年份 2022
  • 长度 32 Meters
  • 最大船宽 7.5 Meters
  • 巡航速度 7-8 knots
  • 最大载客量 16
  • 客舱数量 7
  • 浴室数量 9
  • 供应船 2


  • 雷达
  • 测深仪
  • 全球定位系统
  • 无线电VHF / DSC / SSB
  • E.P.I.R.B.求救系统
  • 救生艇
  • 救生背心
  • 火警和灭火器
  • 氧气
  • 急救箱
  • 探鱼器
  • 卫星和移动电话
  • 舱底泵预警
  • 搜索灯
  • 引擎室闭路电视
  • 船员受过急救训练
  • 紧急照明弹

Queenesia II 评论标题

  • 7.6
  1. 船只
  2. 船员
  3. 食物
  4. 深潜
  5. 价格
  • 8.8 极好
  • Steven S
  • 美国 美国
Great crew, great location

The boat is very nicely equipped, the common areas are pleasant. The crew went out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable, and to meet any requests. They even did an on island BBQ one night. The reasons I knocked them on value are the lack of nitrox, the fact that anything beyond the basics was an upcharge, and their policies on this were inconsistent as they accept bookings from multiple sites. There are a few mechanical things that need to be worked on, post covid lots of companies have similar issues with equipment needing some TLC.

Dive sites, crew responsiveness,
  • 7.2
  • Marco C
  • 瑞士 瑞士
Great diving

In general the trip was great and can only be recommended. All the dives were excellent. There are few things that could be improved to elevate the experience to an excellent level: The trip schedule was not clear and this created confusion on which day the last dive would have been (some guests booked their flight on the last day of diving, so they had to skip the last dives). The water supply was limited and the air compressor was right next to where we were eating, hence sometimes very noisy. The food was good, but the timing of the service was not always optimal.

Diving, met new friends, friendly crew
  • 9.6 优秀
  • Aaron V
  • 加拿大 加拿大
Great Raja Ampat Liveaboard!

This was my first trip to Indonesia and my first liveaboard and it did not disappoint at all! From day one, the crew was fantastic - friendly and constantly going out of their way to ensure the passengers were satisfied. The food quality (and quantity) was consistenly great even on the 11-day trip. Even the variety of food exceeded my expectations. Regarding diving, the sites were great - mantas, pygmy sea horses, rays and a whole variety of creatures throughout the dives that our guides were happy to help us find. The guides continually went out of their way to help - both underwater and above water. We had one dive guide for a group of 3 divers, so never felt like we weren't getting enough support at all. Even when some of the passengers wanted to adjust the itinerary to get more dives in, the cruise director talked with each of the passengers and crew and were able to adjust to suit everyone's needs. Very professional and managed well.

Fantastic crew, food quality and variety, friendly dive guides
  • 9.2 高超
  • Jérôme D
  • 瑞士 瑞士
Des plongées sublimes et un cadre idyllique, je repars avec des étoiles plein les yeux !

Se réveiller jour après jour dans des endroits plus beaux les uns que les autres et pouvoir réaliser cette expérience de plonger 10 jours de suite.

Les spots de plongée / Peu de plongeurs / La nourriture excellente
  • 10 优秀
  • Jelte F
  • 荷兰 荷兰
Amazing liveaboard

Seeing mantas up close was definitely the major highlight of the trip. We saw mantas at 4 divesites around Misool (south Raja Ampat). Surprisingly there were none at Manta Sandy though when we were diving there. The crew was extremely helpful. We never had to carry any tanks or set up our dive gear. All of that was handled by them, while we could fully relax between dives. The sunbeds on the deck were a great way to do such relaxing. During the dives the dive guides would spot many small animals that were expertly hidden such as pygmy seahorses. They were also great at slightly changing the route under water to avoid any strong currents. The food was also great. Lot's of amazingly prepared local quisine, such as fried rice, noodles, chicken, fish and various different soups. And nothing was spicy by default, but they always had spicy sauce ready for the people that wanted that. So it was great for everyone (those who love spicy food and those who don't).

The food, the divesites and the crew
  • 9.6 优秀
  • Zhen Wei C
  • 新加坡 新加坡
Awesome first trip to Raja Ampat

Having dived in various area around south east Asia, I will say Banda sea was one of the best I've been to. The hammerheads migration was one of the stunning experience I've had. A pity that the whale sighting was when we were on the boat instead of during a dive. The dive guide is very experience and answered all my questions and even gave me advice on how to improve on my buoyancy control. Quite flexible with the site as long as all of us agreed to the change. The room are quite spacious and clean, plenty of areas to relax on the deck drinking beer while enjoying the scenery in the day and the starry sky at night. Downside is similar to many wooden liveaboard out there, there are some engine noise, but I will say this is one of the better ones in term of condition and comfort. Overall great experience.

Dive Site, Crew Friendliness, Dive Guide
  • 2.8 评分
  • Hartmut M
  • 德国 德国
Katastrophe NIE WIEDER

DAS Boot war NICHT das auf der Internet angezeigte Boot viel älter nur ein Unterdeck. Es stank noch Diesel und nach Fäkalien, da das "Black Water" in meiner Kajüte in der Dusche hochkam. Fenster (Bullaugen)musste zu bleiben da sonst bei Fahrt die Kajüte schwimmt. 60 Prozent der Tauchgänge waren "Muddiving" also nur schwarzer Sand und Geröll am Boden. Die Nachttauchgänge waren Jagtausflüge bei denen die Letzen 5 - 10 Handgroßen Fische am Tauchplatz auch noch getötet werden. NIE WIEDER

Tauchen auf Komodo war gut. Der Rest war Planlos, Einfallslos und ohne Kenntnisse der Gegend.
  • 6.4 评分
  • Alexander W
  • 德国 德国
Great Diving & boat management needs to improve

Central dive sites, Komodo hike and beach dinner. Crew was very eager to manage the trip, but were left alone by the management.

Master Cabin, boat and central dive sites
  • 3.2 评分
  • Fernanda J
  • 匈牙利 匈牙利
Worst liveaboard experience ever!

To make it clear we are experienced divers and travellers with hundreds of dives and open minds to different places, cultures, people, cuisine (been to Africa, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt and so on)... But this trip was unexpectadly bad. If the diving were as it should have been (as we heard and knew what we could expect from a world class diving area of Komodo), we could easily forget about the issues of the liveaboard: being too small, too loud, too crowded (though there were only 13 divers instead the possible 16). The food was barely eatable, extremely repetitive, very poor in quality and quantity also. And believe me we were not expecting fine dining. On the third day we were told to drink less water as there is not enough drinking water onboard - telling this to divers diving up to 4 dives per day on normal air (nitrox was not available)! Just to mention a few issues: - getting to the divesites always happened with a small speedboat made for 10 pax but they used that to carry all the 13 divers and the 3 guides - in their advertising they mention a one guide 4 divers ratio, of course it was not true, most of the time only two guides shared the 13 divers - it happened multiple times that they hardly found or didn't even find the divesites, it seemed they had not enough knowledge of the area - once during briefing we were told that the water temperature is 17 celsius, so we tried to get some extra wet suits which they only could provide for my son. As more divers decided to wear extra suits they of course needed extra weight to be able to drown. But the boat didn't have any more, so I skipped the dive and gave my weight to my son. I just wonder if the liveaboard was full, could they provide enough weight for all the 16 divers?! On top of it all, the water temperature was actually 25 celsius, so the information was incorrect... - communication was very poor, many times we had no idea when the next dive or meal will be, but we stopped asking as the answers were not clear nor appropriate - communication between the boat manager and the crew seemed problematic as they didn't use the same language. Actually we believe this was the biggest problem: the boat manager's goal was to get the liveaboard to Raja Ampat, so this trip was just a must for her, so she didn't really care nor take the advice of the possibly more experienced crew/guides. Never in my life I ever gave a negative review anywhere. I always find the good in everything and even when it's hard to find, I feel sorry for the people working there that they may get punished or even worse loose their job because of my review. But this time I rather feel sorry for the divers spending their hard earned money for this liveaboard and don't get what they paid for...

1. When following a horrible dive me and my family decided to skip a dive and asked the crew to take us to the local village close by and we spent 2-3 hours just wondering around with the nice locals. 2. When we saw a huge group of dolphins 3. None
  • 8.8 极好
  • Thales P
  • 巴西 巴西

the team is very experienced, they are knowledgeable about the dive sites, it was very nice to dive with them,I liked it a lot, I was happy, they are good, spectacular dives