Liveaboard Diving in Ternate

What to Expect On a Ternate Liveaboard

Liveaboard diving from Ternate is growing in popularity dues to the proximity to the Moluccan Islands. Liveaboards that visit the Moluccan Islands typically have very different itineraries; the 1000 km long chain of islands is so unexplored that many places are yet to even be named. Ternate liveaboards offer frontier diving in this diverse part of Indonesia. Located in the north of the Moluccan Islands, just off the west coast of Halmahera (the largest island in the north of Moluccas), is where you will start your Ternate liveaboard adventure.

Accessibility to Ternate has considerably improved over the last few years and the island is growing in popularity, and not just for the diving. Ternate holds a rich culture, with beautiful statues and wonderful architecture, such as that found at the Sultanís Palace. Part of this islandís proud heritage also includes the delightful cuisine available. The best time to visit the northern side of the Moluccas would be from May to October during the dry season, while the weather is usually calm.

Liveaboard diving from Ternate

Ternate liveaboards will very often head south and to the west, following the archipelago chain of islands. Sites are, for the most part, completely unnamed and largely unexplored, giving great flexibility to the itinerary. Liveaboards in Ternate provide a fulfilling experience for those looking to discover new sites and potentially new species, while sailing to previously unreachable areas. It is almost a guarantee that most sites you stumble upon will be as rich in life as the next while diving in an area of the world known as the heart of the coral triangle.

Surrounding Ternate are small walls, typically at a depth between 26 and 130 feet (8 to 40 m), providing a few interesting dive sites that are mostly unexplored. Jailolo Pier is an excellent nearby muck site just off the shores of Halmahera. The pier has been used as the dumping ground for fishing boats, attracting many of the famous species that entice people to go muck diving. In the evening, this makes for a great site to spot the brightly coloured mandarinfish.

A Japanese wreck, near the town of Sidangoli, lies on her starboard in 65 to 100 feet (20 to 30 m). Little is known about the wreck, but it is now completely encrusted by soft corals and a few waving gorgonian fans. In amongst the intricate corals you will find several species of brightly coloured nudibranchs. Schools of fusilier fish are present on every dive, and the wreck provides shelter for larger species, such as grouper. Butterflyfish are also a common sighting here, as are groups of wrasse.

Getting to Ternate

Reaching Ternate is not as difficult as it used to be. There is now a domestic airport, Sultan Babullah Airport, on the west coast of Ternate. Starting your Indonesia liveaboard adventure, it is best to fly in to the international airports at either Jakarta or Manado, where daily flights are usually available. Direct international flights are available to Jakarta and Manado, but more commonly a connection is made via Singapore.