Liveaboard Diving in Black Coral

What To Expect On a Black Coral I and II Liveaboard

Liveaboard diving at Black Coral I and II will likely be part of a 7 day itinerary including many other spectacular sites in Cuba, such as Pipin, Farallon, and Vicente. The Jardines De Le Reina in Cuba has long been recognised as one of the premier scuba diving spots in the Caribbean, with healthy reefs, unrivalled marine life and crystal clear waters. If you are visiting this beautiful marine reserve, it's highly likely you'll visit the dive sites of Black Coral I and Black Coral II on your liveaboard.

Liveaboard boats to Black Coral I & II are well equipped, with all modern amenities that are expected these days, such as air conditioning and hot water showers. There's plenty of room to relax in the sun during surface intervals, or even snorkel if you simply can't be out of the water! Gear can be rented onboard, but included in most packages are tanks and weights for those who have their own equipment. The crews are vastly experienced in this area of Cuba, and on hand to ensure comfort, fun and of course safety throughout the entire dive trip.

Black Coral I and II Underwater

Liveaboard diving to Black Coral I & II is a great addition to your Cuba dive itinerary. Both sites have a fantastic array of healthy corals, in all shapes and sizes, and with the perfect visibility are given the opportunity to show off their dazzling colours. Sunlight easily shines through the water, contributing to some of the most biodiverse marine environments in the whole of the Caribbean. Giant gorgonian fans, table coral, and black coral colonies are all present, providing an exquisite backdrop and natural playground for vast numbers of reef fish. All the usual suspects are resident here, including Angelfish, Parrotfish and Clownfish. The close proximity of vast mangrove forests compliment the reefs perfectly, ensuring an optimum platform for each to thrive. The Cuban Government thankfully restricts the number of visitors annually, giving much needed protection and a resultant unspoilt tropical paradise. Sharks are found in high numbers, particularly at the drop offs where reef sharks tend to congregate. Sandy areas allow Stingrays to rest, whilst above them huge schools of Jacks and large Groupers swim by. Luckily liveaboard tours to Black Coral I & II will allow guests to undertake several dives per day at these sites, so that as much of the marine life can be viewed as possible.

Getting to Black Coral I and II

The best way to dive Black Coral I and II is via liveaboard tour, incorporating the wider area of Jardines De La Reina. Liveaboard dive boats normally depart from the port of Jucaro, a 5 hour drive from Havana, Cuba. It's possible to arrange transport to the harbour, but the more convenient method is by contacting the relevant liveaboard operator, as often they can pick guests up from Havana. Havana is to the north of the island, and the most likely entry point for the majority of tourists. The international airport has direct flights to and from the likes of North America, Asia, Europe, and South America. It's rare that you can fly directly in from the US.

Tourist currency is the Cuban Convertible Peso which can only be purchased in Cuba. If possible, try and bring some currency (Euros, Pounds or Canadian Dollars are best) to change straight away at the airport.

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