Adventure Cruises in Tracy Arm

Tracy Arm Cruises offer the ideal way to explore the striking 27-mile-long Alaskan fjord, which is located near Juneau. Lying next to Stephens Passage, Tongass National Forest, and Endicott Arm, the icy area boasts two spectacular glaciers and an abundance of fascinating wildlife. You can also take part in diverse activities, such as hiking and kayaking, on adventure cruises to Tracy Arm, as well as escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life and taking some time out to relax in a tranquil and calm natural setting.

Top things to do and see on a Tracy Arm Cruise

A cruise around Tracy Arm caters to varied interests, with a wide assortment of experiences and activities. It was famously said to be a “wild, unfinished Yosemite” by renowned naturalist John Muir. Great things to do on a Tracy Arm cruise include:

Wildlife - Tracy Arm is home to plentiful wildlife, some of which you will have the chance to observe from relatively close quarters on your small ship cruise. The underwater terrain creates conditions that allow deep-water species to thrive in the shallower depths, and you’re likely to spot harbor seals swimming through the waters or basking on icy ledges or blocks. Unusually, mountain goats may be seen at lower elevations, and other animals that may catch your eye include wolves, bears, and deer. Keen bird-watchers should keep a lookout for pigeon guillemots, Arctic terns, and bald eagles.

Whale Watching - The area just north of Tracy Arm is a prime spot for seeing humpback whales and orcas in the summer months. Nothing can quite prepare you for the wondrous sight of the large aquatic creatures.

Dramatic Landscapes - A Tracy Arm cruise takes passengers through some of Alaska’s finest scenery. Admire the majestic Sawyer Glaciers and explore the Fords Terror Wilderness, which is nestled between Tracy Arm and Endicott Arm. Ice covers much of the landscape, with huge glaciers that regularly calve, resulting in gigantic blocks of ice bobbing on the waters. Jagged mountains punctuate the surroundings, along with numerous pristine waterfalls and gaping valleys. Patches of young rainforest add flashes of green to the otherwise mostly white and blue hues.

Guided Tours - A narrated and guided national park tour provides lots of interesting information about the area’s history and nature. Learn why Fords Terror Wilderness was given its ominous name, and ask your knowledgeable guide anything that you wish to know.

Kayaking - Kayaking is one of the adventure activities that you can enjoy along the shoreline near Tracy Arm. Paddle through the clear waters and marvel at the towering granite rocks that rise from the shimmering waters.

Top Tips for visiting Tracy Arm

  • Pack your binoculars; you don’t want to miss any of the intriguing wildlife!
  • Take your video camera along to the Sawyer Glaciers and you may catch some calving on camera.
  • Wear warm clothes in layers to help with the unpredictable temperatures and weather conditions. Pack gloves, a hat, and a scarf too.
  • Rain can and does, occur almost all year round, so be prepared with your wet weather gear.
  • If you plan on making the most of the hiking opportunities, don’t forget your hiking boots or shoes.
  • The weather can be sunny and bright in the summer months; take your sunglasses on vacation.
  • An insulated mug or thermos for your hot drinks can be invaluable when you feel chilly.

Best time to cruise Tracy Arm

May to September is the peak period for cruising Tracy Arm, with May to August generally seeing the driest conditions. The wettest months are usually September and October. The later summer months are the warmest.

The best prices for a Tracy Arm cruise can usually be found at the beginning and end of the peak season, in early May and late September. Plan ahead, check cruise itineraries, and book your cruise at Tracy Arm well in advance for the best deals and to secure your desired availability; it is generally better to book in October or November for the following cruise season.

June in Tracy Arm is the best time to see seal pups, their protective mothers close to hand. The larger icebergs are usually seen at the start of the summer, whilst by the middle of summer, the landscapes have thawed significantly, thus allowing for better hiking conditions.

Where do Tracy Arm cruises depart from?

Many Alaska small ship cruises to Tracy Arm leave from Alaska’s state capital of Juneau. You can fly into Juneau International Airport (JNU) from other parts of Alaska or directly from mainland USA. Do note that, like many places in Alaska, there is no road access to Juneau. Tracy Arm is also sometimes part of cruise itineraries for longer cruises departing from Sitka. Flights to Sitka arrive at Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport (SIT). If you don’t wish to fly to Alaska to board your cruise ship, there are also some itineraries that have departures from Washington’s Seattle.

Several carriers connect various US airports with Alaska (usually with connections), with direct, non-stop flights to Juneau available from Seattle.

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Tracy Arm Reviews

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  • Gabriele S
  • United States United States

The most beautiful part of the trip

Diving Tracy Arm in May on the Admiralty Dream

  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Daniel H
  • United States United States

Great... taking small bout into ice field was really cool.

Diving Tracy Arm in August on the Admiralty Dream

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Mary W
  • United States United States

Terrific. What a sight the glaciers were

Diving Tracy Arm in May on the Alaskan Dream

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  • Judy K
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Kayaking, wildlife viewing and riding in motorized dinghy (can’t remember initials

Diving Tracy Arm in May on the Alaskan Dream

  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Marta M
  • United States United States

The extra to LeConte glacier was especially marvelous. Also chance to walk on beach.

Diving Tracy Arm in July on the Alaskan Dream

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Mary V
  • United States United States

Beautiful kayaking was wonderful

Diving Tracy Arm in August on the Alaskan Dream

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