Adventure Cruises in Sveti Stefan

The iconic islet of Sveti Stefan attracts both local and international visitors to this beautiful part of the already stunning Budva region. The intriguing former fishing village offers beautiful views from a small cruise ship as well as two impressive sand beaches. This is a hot-spot for people watching, keeping an eye out for some of the celebrity guests who frequent the exclusive island resort. There are also some excellent forest and coastal walks and a number of restaurants outside and inside the resort that are open to the public.

An adventure cruise to Sveti Stefan is a chance to experience one of Montenegro's most beautiful and exclusive spots from the comfort and luxury of a small cruise ship.

Top things to do and see in Sveti Stefan

The moment you arrive in the bay, the first thing that will catch your eye is, of course, the tiny village islet of Sveti Stefan. Once a fortified fishing village, the island has been transformed into a luxury resort for the rich and famous. The hotel has exclusive use of the island which means that its guests can enjoy complete privacy as non-guests are not normally allowed on the island at all. A small ship cruise will be able to get up close though to give you a glimpse of the island's architecture and of course those exclusive sea views.

Although there is a guarded walkway separating the beaches from the resort there are a few ways to get on the island without paying a fortune for a room. Restaurant reservations are one way to see the plaza and get a sneak peek. The meals offer the chance to get a feel for the village's atmosphere. There are also occasional tours of the island for people staying elsewhere but these are quite sporadic and often booked up well in advance. If you don't want to pay for a pricey dinner in the resort, there are also some very nice seaside restaurants close to the beach and Milocer park.

Aside from feasting your eyes on the luxurious resort and keeping an eye out for famous faces, the beach and parks around Sveti Stefan are the main attractions. Milocer park gives you a chance to see the resort's beaches and those incredible headland views. For those looking for a longer walk, the park's trail continues through the forested area. You can enjoy a beautiful and peaceful nature walk with the occasional luxury villa dotted amongst the trees. If you continue walking through the forest, you will come to the tiny quaint village of Przno where there is yet another sandy beach to enjoy.

Best time to cruise Sveti Stefan

Depending on what you are interested in doing, Sveti Stefan has two main seasons. The summer period between June and the end of August is beautifully sunny and hot for spending time on the beach and sunbathing on the boat. There are also warm summer evenings perfect for sitting out on the beach or deck and enjoying a cool drink and fine food. In the cooler Spring and Autumn months, the weather is still very sunny but it is easier to walk around in the middle of the day or go for a stroll in the parks and surrounding countryside.

Top tips for visiting Sveti Stefan on a cruise

  • Although you cannot go to the island unless you are a guest of the resort the beaches are open to the public for a fee.
  • If you visit one of the beaches around Sveti Stefan you will find there are not many places to buy refreshments so it is a good idea to bring something with you.
  • Booking a restaurant reservation at one of the hotel's restaurants, Taverna or Nobu, will allow you to see the island first hand, without the hefty price tag of a room.
  • You can get a great view of the island from the sea, making a small ship cruise the ideal way to see as much of the island as possible.

Where do Sveti Stefan cruises depart from?

Small ship cruises to Sveti Stefan mostly depart from the coastal port town of Tivat. The town has an international airport with a range of options from most European hubs. There are however occasional small ship cruises to Sveti Stefan and Budva which finish in the town of Kotor, with transfers back to Tivat airport available.