Adventure Cruises in Meemu Atoll

About Meemu Atoll cruises

Between Vaavu Atoll and Thaa Atoll in the southeast of the Maldives you can find Meemu Atoll. It is located 135kms from the Maldivian capital Malé and is an attractive atoll to visit on your Maldives adventure cruise. Also known as Mulaku Atoll, it measures 31kms wide by 47kms long, with Muli being the capital.

Meemu Atoll consists of around 30 islets, of which only 9 are inhabited. The relatively isolated location away from the main tourist areas provides wonderful diving and snorkeling opportunities during your Meemu Atoll cruise.


Top Things to do in Meemu Atoll

Aside from the pearl-white beaches, lively corals, and plentiful reef fish, there is a good chance of spotting manta rays, (nurse) sharks, eagle rays, or even a whale shark while swimming or snorkeling. Meemu Atoll is home to several manta cleaning stations that are famous for attracting manta rays and can be visible to both divers and snorkelers. An experience not to be missed!


Meemu Atoll is also a well-known spot for surfing. It is possible to surf pretty much all year round, but the best waves for surfing are to be found between the months of May to September. Other water sports activities you can do at Meemu Atoll include sea kayaking, swimming, big game fishing, waterskiing, and tube rides.

Best time to cruise Meemu Atoll

Plan your Maldives small ship cruise according to your favorite water activities. If you wish to dive or snorkel with manta rays and whale sharks, it is best to come between May and November. May to September is the surfing peak season when you mainly want to surf. The fishing season runs from November to March.

The Maldives are beautiful and can be visited all year round, depending on your chosen cruise itinerary. From December to May, you have the best chances of calm, flat seas for a comfortable sailing cruise.

Where do Meemu Atoll cruises depart from?

Muli is the capital of Meemu Atoll. Despite its small size, it features a bank, a supermarket, a volleyball playground, and a few modest coffee places. Ferries and seaplanes are the main forms of transportation between the atolls.