Liveaboard Diving in Sumilon

What To Expect On a Sumilon Liveaboard

Liveaboards in Sumilon will take in the beauty of this eco-friendly tourist resort area. Located off the South East Coast of Cebu, Sumilon is a small island, volcanic in origin, and an area with bright blue seas meeting the white beaches and boulders that skirt the island. The area has been Marine Protected since 1974, one of the first areas of the Philippines to be protected. From your Philippines liveaboard trip enjoy the beauty of the crystal clear waters lapping the shores and take in a spot of birdwatching of the tropical species living on this beautiful island. The Island housed a historical lighthouse to stop slavers in the 19th century. A sandbar close to Sumilon Island can be viewed on your liveaboard changing shape as the day progresses. an interesting natural phenomenon of the sea here.

Sumilon Underwater

Your dive cruise at Sumilon will be a great experience all round but underwater is where the magic happens. As you descend on the sites surrounding the island the beautifully clear waters will show you immediately all the beauty they have on offer. The reefs here are stunning. The best Sumilon liveaboards will allow four dives a day and take in the sites here of the intricate coral beauties. As well as being a place of beauty, diving in Sumilon will afford you with opportunities to capture white tip reef sharks, blacktip reef sharks, and possibly whale sharks too. There are easy dives here at shallow depths and in calm waters, mixed in with more difficult drift dives for the experienced divers. All liveaboards in Sumilon Island, however, can only impress with the beauty you will see underwater.

Dive Sites Of Sumilon

Nikki's Wall Set west of Sumilon Island, you will dive this wall for the whole stretch of land. It can be made into two dives or dived all at once. Rocky wall scopes the dive and the visibility here is awesome so you can't miss the copious amounts of fish living here. This still water dive to up to 35 meters is a treat for all experience levels.

Sumilon North For advanced divers this drift dive down to 30 meters takes place North of Sumilon Island. Over a coral garden in the shallow waters out to a steep sandy slope and coral strewn all over. This site also known as Garden Eel Plaza will allow you to spot the eels living here all over the sand. Surprises afoot too as you may catch a glimpse of whale sharks, white tips, and blacktips here.

Coral Landscape A dive suitable for beginners but also available to 25-meter depths. This site has virtually no current so it offers a calm dive. Stunning underwater scenery as a burst of color hits your eyes over a shallow slope. Between the corals find many reef fish species. An enjoyable dive for all.

Top Tips For Divers

Bring your underwater camera to catch the moments in the clear water. You are likely to catch some wonderful snaps of the mantas that will make your diving pals back home very jealous of your trip. Remember to bring you suncream to allow you to rest on the sundeck between dives on this luxury liveaboard.

Getting To Sumilon

You will more often than not arrive for your Sumilon Island liveaboard in the Philippine islands through the capital's Manila airport. From here take a Cebu-Pacific flight to Cebu then find your way to Malapascua or Cebu Yacht club for departure. Alternatively, you can fly direct to Cebu from Doha with Qatar Airways, Singapore with Singapore Airlines or Kuala Lumpur with Malaysian Airlines.

Sumilon Diving Reviews

  • 9.9 Exceptional
  • 6 Verified Reviews
  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Wesley O
  • United States United States

Beautiful dive site. Lots of variety, wonderful colors.

Diving Sumilon in January on the Infiniti

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Japan Japan

I read in the web page that this site was for experienced divers with stronger constant current. Actually, I didn't feel so. It was interesting to see bigger fish.

Diving Sumilon in October on the Infiniti

  • 10.0 Exceptional
  • Sarah I
  • New Zealand New Zealand

Beautiful and very easy, full of life

Diving Sumilon in October on the Infiniti

  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Gerd M
  • Germany Germany

Nice fern corals, coral garden, large beautiful stone corals

Diving Sumilon in January on the Infiniti

  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Alistair D
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom

Some nice pelagic encounters

Diving Sumilon in January on the Infiniti