Adventure Cruises in Yassica Islands

In the Gulf of Fethiye, Yassica Islands cruises are a must. These uninhabited islands are a regular stop on most itineraries. The constellation of 5 beautiful islands is an idyllic paradise that is uninhabited and devoid of modern buildings. However, some feature ancient ruins indicating their rich history. Adventure cruises to Yassica Islands should always include the most beautiful islands, known locally as the Devil’s Island “Saytanli Ada.” Local legend has it that the devil chose it as his home when he learned he was denied entry to paradise!

Top Things to Do in Yassica Islands

Yassica Islands are an ideal haven for nature and sea lovers. On land, the islands are covered in fauna, and trekking around and exploring the islands while taking in the views is always a great experience. Aside from the fauna, some ancient ruins give you a small glimpse into history. Keen swimmers and sea lovers are in their element in the water around the islands. Swimmers can dart between islands, the closest two only 12 meters apart. In the waters around the island, you will also find various ruins and beautiful crystal-clear waters.

The ruins of the ancient bridge make for an interesting dive into the islands' history and the people who lived here many moons ago.

The waters around Yassica Islands are a great choice for keen swimmers and snorkellers who can enjoy the sheltered warm water of the Gulf of Fethiye.

The largest islands feature a beach and sheltered lagoon that make them ideal stops for families, especially those with young children. The location is perfect for taking young children in the water and giving them their first experience of swimming in the sea.

Top Tips for visiting Yassica Islands (where applicable)

If you will be swimming, don't forget to bring your snorkeling gear. The ruins of an ancient bridge are submerged between two islands. And while the water is impassable to boat traffic, it makes for a great snorkel to follow the path of the ancient bridge between the two islands.

Best time to cruise Yassica Islands

Like many places around Turkey and the Aegean, the best times to cruise and visit Yassica islands are from the late spring to the early fall, with the summer being the peak season. If you like to be at the heart of the action when the cities and sites are full and there is plenty of life and tourists, then the best time is July and August. During those months, the weather is hot, and the sea is warm, although this tends to be the most expensive season. Visiting during June or September can also be excellent, especially in September when the waters can be very warm after a long, hot summer. The shoulder season of April, May, and October is also a good time to visit, with the sites being less crowded and the weather being a little cooler. These cooler months make it easier to explore the land, making the odd trek here and there much more pleasant. During these months, the waters are still relatively warm enough for you to swim.

Where do Yassica Islands cruises depart from?

Multiple itineraries feature cruises around the Yassica Islands. Due to its location in the Gulf of Fethiye, the main departure ports for itineraries, including the Yassica Islands, are Marmaris and Gocek. Getting to either city is relatively straightforward, and you can fly to one of two international airports. The main airport serving both is Dalaman International DLM, which receives flights from several European destinations. Alternatively, you can fly into Milas-Bodrum BJV, which is a couple of hours away by car and serves many international destinations.

Turkey is one of the major tourist destinations in Europe, and there is a vast range of options to get there. If you are traveling from Europe, there are many holiday flights (especially during the summer) to various Turkish airports. Arriving from further afield, you can always connect in Istanbul and maybe add a day or two to explore that ancient city before heading off for your cruise.