Adventure Cruises in Bar

Small ship cruises to Bar and the surrounding area stop at one of the most beautiful and surprisingly unspoiled parts of Montenegro. Bar offers the best of all the delights of Montenegro with beautiful sandy beaches, a wealth of historic sites and a lively restaurant and cafe culture. The area is also famous for its untouched natural beauty. Skadar Lake is one of Montenegro's most scenic national nature reserves packed with wildlife. It is also a great spot for adventure cruises with canyoning, kayaking and hiking available.

Whatever piques your interest, Bar is so rich in adventure, culture, and history you are bound to love stopping off here on a small ship cruise of Montenegro.

Top things to do and see in Bar

The area around Bar is well known for its beaches and although the city's beaches are the typical Montenegran pebble stone, there are several sandy beaches easily accessed by small cruise ship. Crvena Plaža beach is particularly famous for its red sand and dramatic red cliffs as well as beautiful sheltered water for swimming. The beach is also close to the medieval monastery at Ratac which is well worth a visit.

Those who are looking for a more adventurous time in Bar will find the nearby Skadar Lake to be full of exciting activities and places to explore. The area is a national park and home to the largest bird reserve in Europe. Aside from hiking and nature walks, there is the chance for thrill seekers to take part in canyoning, kayaking and cycling in the park. For those who prefer a gentler time there are several vineyards just waiting to be explored.

Close to the town of Bar, it is possible to see a natural wonder, one of the oldest trees in the world and the oldest tree in Europe, the Old Olive of Mirovica. The tree is named for 'mir' meaning peace and can be found in a small park close to Bar. Thought to be around 2,000 years old the tree is the symbol of Bar and for centuries feuding local families would come to the tree in order to reconcile and make peace. This is thought to be Bar's oldest feature, despite being a historical city. You can admire the tree from the park or pay a small fee of a few euros to get up close and take a proper look.

The ancient olive may be one of the oldest features of Bar but the city has plenty of other historic attractions. To learn more about the history of Bar city you can visit the Bar Royal Palace which houses the city's museum as well as a dramatic ballroom, chapel, and a winter garden. For serious history lovers, take a visit to what was once the ancient town of Bar, prior to a terrible earthquake in 1979 which destroyed it. The ruins of the old Bar are still mostly standing and are being carefully restored to their former glory. The walk up to the old town is also a great experience, the road is thought to be one of the most colorful and beautiful streets in Montenegro.

Best time to cruise Bar

Despite all of its attractions, Bar remains relatively undiscovered by tourists even during the high season (June and August) and the area is fairly quiet. During this time the weather is at its hottest and the days are long and the nights perfect for wandering around the town's cafes and restaurants or sitting up on the deck of your small cruise ship. Beachgoers will find this is also the time with the warmest water temperature perfect for swimming, kayaking and canyoning. Sightseeing is best done in the mornings during hotter months, to make the most of the cooler air. Taking a small ship cruise to Bar in May or later on in September and October might be a good choice for those who prefer cooler temperatures and quieter beaches.

Top tips for visiting Bar on a cruise

  • The beaches around Bar are more popular with locals than tourists which can lead to some loud music (a local tradition). If you enjoy it, great. If you prefer tranquility then visiting beaches only accessible by boat is possible and advisable when on a small cruise ship.
  • This region is well known for its wine production, visit the local bodegas for a tour and maybe a taste test of their different vintages.
  • The red beach of Crvena Plaža is very close to the monastery at Ratac so combining a visit to these two spots helps you get the most out of your time in Bar.

Where do Bar cruises depart from?

Bar sits at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor and is often one of the first stop-offs on a small ship cruise of Montenegro. Cruises typically depart from the beautiful port town of Tivat thanks to its international airport and substantial yacht marina. The airport offers departures from most European hubs and more regular flights from nearby Croatia. The town itself is a beautiful historic port and the super-yacht marina makes for a great time admiring some of the luxurious boats lining up on the shore.