Adventure Cruises in Rhodes

The largest and certainly one of the most intriguing of the Dodecanese Islands, a Rhodes small ship cruise can take you to see this magical place's hidden spots and hot spots. Due to its size and historical importance, Rhodes has something to offer everyone from history buffs to beach lovers and party animals. The island was a significant player from ancient Greek times, leaving behind temples, palaces, and the fortifications of the central city of Rhodes. It is also possible to mix and match your trips on a small cruise ship with many stop-offs, which is ideal for including a cultural experience and a day spent sunbathing and swimming in the balmy turquoise waters.

Best Rhodes Island cruises and areas to visit

Rhodes Town

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old town of Rhodes is home to a wealth of fascinating and atmospheric architecture from both East and West. The city is split into the old and new town with the old town built inside a castle from the medieval period, making the entrance from the harbor a jaw-dropping sight. The inside of the old town is full of winding streets, local shops, and restaurants, as well as the old market. The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights is also well worth a visit. Dating back to the 7th Century, this building has an intriguing mix of Byzantine, Greek, and Italian influence, and its museum is also inside. In town, you can find many luxury resorts and, most importantly, Elli Beach, a vast, long sandy beach with plenty of beach bars and sun loungers.

Tsambika Beach

Just shy of a kilometer long, Tsabika is a favorite spot for stopping off on a small ship cruise around Rhodes. The beach is a long stretch of golden sand and the perfect place for sunbathing and enjoying a relaxing meal or drink at the tavernas. There are also several water sports centers where you can rent kayaks and canoes or even try something more adventurous, like water skiing. You can also walk up the hill behind the beach and enjoy a spectacular view and the tiny white chapel of Tsambika monastery, a pilgrimage point for those hoping to improve their fertility.


Packed to the brim with fun, Faliraki Resort doesn't just have a long and beautiful beach and some of the best nightlife in Rhodes. The beach is lined with classy beach bars perfect for a cool drink or lunch in the day and the best spot to party at night. There is also a large waterpark at Faliraki with slides, rafting, and a wave pool to enjoy.

Best Time to Cruise around Rhodes Island

Rhodes is a much-loved destination for people around the world year-round, so while there isn't the best time to visit Rhodes, the seasons offer different experiences. The summer season is the highest for visitors, Rhodes is hugely popular with crowds from many different parts of the world. June to August are the hottest and busiest months, although you will find it easier to escape any crowds staying on a small ship cruise. The island's nightlife is at its wildest at this time of year, and it is a great time to party hard. You should book well in advance if you plan to visit in this time period as small ship cruises are top-rated in the Greek islands in the summer. Outside of the peak season, you can visit Rhodes in May, September, and October and still find long, hot days, although mornings and evenings are a little cooler. This is the perfect time to visit Rhodes if you are more interested in cultural visits as the sites are less busy and the weather more suitable for walking around.

How to Get to Rhodes Island

Some Rhodes cruises depart directly from Athens port and sail over to the island on the first day and night, so you can go straight from the airport using a taxi or transfer or use the metro station beneath the airport. By far, the quickest way to get to Rhodes Island is by flying to Athens airport and taking a connecting flight to Diagoras Airport on the island. Direct flights are available from most major European hubs and several US cities such as New York, Philadelphia, and Newark. If you prefer to take the ferry to Rhodes, the port of Athens has a wide range of boats departing daily. These vary from large cruise liner-size ships to faster, if much smaller, hydrofoils. Be sure to check the itinerary as many of these boats stop off at several islands before arriving in Rhodes, making the journey quite long.

Rhodes Island Cruise Tips

  • If you choose to take the ferry to Rhodes, it is worth planning to arrive a day early before your cruise as the ferries can be slightly unpredictable and in the high season, incredibly full.
  • Rhodes's old and new town is relatively spread out, and many rent bicycles to explore the town thoroughly. This is suitable during the colder off-peak months; however, walking or taking a taxi in summer is best when the temperatures can be scorching hot.
  • Rhodes has a long and historical tradition of winemaking using a Muscat-like grape to create unique flavors. There are several wineries on the island, some of which offer fascinating tours, including tastings.

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