North Save A Tack Liveaboard Diving

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North Save A Tack Liveaboard Diving

Liveaboard Diving in North Save A Tack


North-Save-a-Tack liveaboards will visit here as part of a multi-stop Fijian dive itinerary. The dive site is located in the area of Namena Island. Namena island is part of the Lomaiviti group of islands which stretches from the east of Viti Levu north towards Vanua Levu. When commercial fishing was increased and this was foreseen as a serious threat to the health of the reefs in this area, the chiefs of Kubulau imposed a total ban on fishing by creating the Namena MPA. The protected area encompasses the whole reef surrounding Namenalala Island.

The richness of the marine life that was ought to be protected was confirmed by scientists, who claim that over more than 1000 species of invertebrates are involved as well as 400 known corals and 445 documented plants.

Namena is often visited by whale species such as bottlenose and spinner dolphins and humpback whales. In Fiji, you can find 4 of the world's 7 marine turtle species and on Namena Island both green and hawksbill turtles have their nesting beaches.

The reefs in this area are Fiji's most pristine reefs and dive sites such as North-Save-A-Tack are exceptional. Here you are likely to encounter large schools of jackfish, red snappers, barracuda, and also grey reef sharks and different types of sea snakes.

This is an area of exceptional reef health. North-Save-A-Tack is not only one of Fiji's best dive sites but it helps make Fiji one of the world's best dive destinations. Fiji liveaboard vessels will therefore sail or cruise here during the dive safari. Land-based dive operators can also go here but can never guarantee a visit due to weather conditions or other reasons. The best chance is to go diving here by liveaboard to avoid the crowds.

Visitors to the Namena Marine Protected Area must pay a fee of F$30 (US$12) which is valid through December 31st.


A liveaboard trip to North-Save-A-Tack starts the dive with a descent to 25 meters where you will arrive at the top of a wall. While swimming along the wall you'll see schools of jacks, even bigger schools of yellowtail barracuda and white tips, grey reef sharks, and nurse sharks. After the enjoyment of such a great presence for about 10 minutes you will hit the top of the wall: a flat sandy floor. Sometimes manta rays come and visit from the Koro Sea and with sharp eyes, you may look for seahorses that sway in between the seagrass.

When you follow along, you will arrive at a channel between two ridges were at the entrance you might be welcomed in by a school of barracuda. After swimming through the channel shortly you arrive at a natural archway totally covered by black corals, gorgonian fans, and many pink, blue, and orange-colored soft corals. You'll see many nudibranchs, shrimp and lobster. At the end of the dive, you arrive at the 'Window of Dreams' which is a natural O-shape in the rock covered with soft corals and a favorite subject to photographers. Even your safety stop will be entertained by activity on top of a pinnacle with anemones, moon wrasses, jackfish, and unicornfish.


Flights from all around the world arrive at Nadi International Airport on Viti Levu. There are several domestic flights leaving from Nadi to Suva from where some Fijian liveaboard Cruises depart and onwards visit the Namena Marine Reserve.

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