Liveaboard Diving in Walindi

What To Expect On a Walindi Liveaboard

Liveaboard diving in Walindi, Papua New Guinea, is by far the best way to discover what this region of the abounding Indo-Pacific Ocean is renowned for. Set among the ancient, tropical rainforest trees, Walindi lies serenely at the edge of the tranquil waters of Kimbe Bay, on the northern coast of the island of New Britain, just 20 minutes drive north from the humming provincial capital of Kimbe. There is a choice of Papua New Guinea liveaboards that visit the region.

A string of dormant volcanoes that have formed the Willaumez Peninsula protects the bay from the swells, tides, and currents of the ocean, providing the perfect conditions to nurture well over half of the globe's coral species. An amazing assortment of diverse sea life swims among the vibrant soft corals that are interspersed with elephant and barrel sponges so large they seem to defy gravity and nature. Liveaboard tours sailing from Walindi take in dive sites highlighting the variety of reef structures from steep coral walls to towering pinnacles that rise from the depths of the ocean floor almost all the way to the surface. Hammerhead and silvertip sharks are among the marine entertainers jostling for attention with schools of batfish, jacks, and barracudas, to name just a few, and all manner of colorful tropicals and odd invertebrates. Sightings of dolphins, orca and even whales, can also be added to realistic wish lists when on a dive safari scuba diving in Walindi.

Boutique liveaboard boats in Walindi have been setting sail from the legendary Walindi Plantation Resort for more than 30 years to explore the wonders that Papua New Guinea diving has to offer. And as part of their dedication to the sport, the owners helped found the Guardians of the Sea ("Mahonia Na Dari" in the local lingo), which supports marine research, conservation, and education of the PNG natives about their all-important ocean ecosystems.

Liveaboard Diving From Walindi

Walindi cruises take divers to explore sites throughout Kimbe Bay and the outlying areas of the Witu Islands and Fathers Reef, typically offering three dives per day.

Dive trips in Kimbe Bay explore the numerous reefs, unique coral structures, and tiny islands scattered in the midst of the clear, placid waters of the bay, which make up this underwater photographers paradise.

Sailing northwest from Kimbe Bay, the best Walindi liveaboards head for the remote Witu Islands. Here black sand islands, created by undersea volcanoes, offer the perfect mix of coral-swathed seamounts, prolific reef walls, and shallow bays.

Walindi dive tours heading east from Kimbe reach the chain of offshore reefs of Fathers Reefs, the last remnants of an extinct volcanic crater, encircled by the deep, fish-filled waters of the Pacific Ocean.

On any given dive tour, your captain will choose your final Walindi itinerary based on the weather conditions and the wishes of the divers on board.

Getting To Walindi

The vast majority of flights to start your Papua New Guinea liveaboard arrive into Jacksons International Airport just outside the capital city of Port Moresby. From here one of the national airlines will take care of your 90-minute hop over to New Britain Island, followed by a 45-minute drive along the coast, filled with ocean views, from the airport in Hoskins to the Walindi Plantation Resort where you'll set sail on you your liveaboard dive cruise.

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