Seaisee 리브어보드, 인도네시아

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Join the MV Seaisee liveaboard in Indonesia for a fantastic dive trip to some of the best dive sites in the archipelago. Itineraries range from 7 - 10 days long and cruise all through the region, from Bali to Komodo, through the Banda Sea, and up to Raja Ampat, there is an itinerary to suit everyone. Nitrox is available for those certified, and the spacious dive deck, dedicated crew, and 3 large dive tenders ensure a smooth diving experience.

Topside, the M/V Seaisee 1 yacht has everything you would expect from a luxury floating hotel. At an impressive 45m meters in length and only catering to 24 guests, there is more than enough deck space for rest and relaxation while cruising throughout Indonesia. The upper deck has comfortable sun loungers, a hot tub, and an alfresco dining area, perfect for soaking up the sun or enjoying the sea breeze with a drink. A wide choice of cabins is available, ranging from single to Sea View with a private Jacuzzi and balcony. They all feature individually controlled AC, ample storage space, and an en-suite bathroom.

For an unforgettable dive liveaboard in Indonesia, join the MV Seaisee 1, where the crew is ready and waiting to welcome you. Book online today to reserve your space.

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  • 세탁 서비스
  • 카메라 스테이션
  • 마사지
  • 데일리 룸서비스
  • 오디오 및 비디오 엔터테인먼트
  • 독서실
  • 냉난방 라운지
  • 냉난방 선실
  • 선데크
  • 인도어 라운지
  • 비다이버(스노클러) 적합
  • 온수 샤워기
  • 아웃도어 다이닝
  • 다이빙 전용 커스텀 제작
  • 충전 스테이션
  • 전용 화장실
  • 유료 인터넷
  • 금연 캐빈
  • 아웃도어 샤워장
  • 패밀리 캐빈
  • 오션뷰 캐빈
  • 발코니가 있는 선실
  • 수중 카메라 전용 린스
  • 헌신적인 현지 및 인터내셔널 크루
  • 거의 일대일의 크루와 게스트의 비율
  • 레저 데크
  • 전망 데크
  • 바베큐 공간
  • 차터 가능
  • 자쿠지 / 핫터브
  • 낚시
  • 제트 스키

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  • 현지 음식
  • 베지테리언 옵션
  • 맥주 이용 가능
  • 올데이 스낵
  • 비건 옵션
  • 와인 구비
  • 고급 요리
  • 해변 바베큐
  • 웰컴 칵테일
  • 알프레스코 다이닝

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  • 린스장
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도면 및 보트 레이아웃

 플로어 플랜

보트 제원

  • 제작 연도 2014
  • 레노베이션 연도 2019
  • 길이 45M
  • 데크 공간 1000
  • 10M
  • 최고 속도 11 knots
  • 순항 속도 9 knots
  • 엔진 Main Engine Cummins QSM11x2 and Generator Cummins 50kWx3
  • 최대 수용 인원 24
  • 선실 수 12
  • 화장실 수 18
  • 텐더 3 Speed boats
  • 물탱크 용량 30 M3
  • 연료탱크 용량 40 M3
  • 담수 제조기 10 ton per day

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  • 탐조등
  • 기관실 CCTV
  • 응급처치 훈련 받은 크루
  • 비상 플레어

Seaisee 리뷰

  • 8.6 굉장함
  • 16 {0} 검증된 리뷰
  1. 선박
  2. 크루
  3. 음식
  4. 다이빙
  5. 가치
  • 6.0 리뷰 스코어
  • Paul C
  • 캐나다 캐나다
Friendly crew but not the right boat for photographers

The best part of the trip was the dive sites themselves. Raja Ampat is a treasure.

Crew, cabins, dive sites.
  • 10 이례적임
  • Karen L
  • 미국 미국

Manta Diving, the last night party

Crew, organization and cleanliness
  • 10 이례적임
  • Wes R
  • 미국 미국
Raja Ampat is a unique and beautiful part of the world and the Sea I See crew and great facilities made this a great experience.

The marine life and diving experience was great, however the facilities and friendliness of the crew made the trip very fun and memorable. I also think the dependability of this boat is worth mentioning. While the boat will take 20 people and there are normally 12 - 18 passengers on board we only had 6 passengers. It would have easy for the boat owner to refund our money and cancel the trip, and I've heard stories of that happening. However, the boat owner is not only motivated by making money but also providing an experience where people have a good time and memorable experience.

The wide diversity of corals and marine life, the boat and facilities, and friendliness and service of the crew.
  • 9.2 훌륭함
  • Gabriel L
  • 미국 미국
Pleasant diving in Raja Ampat

Had a great group of divers in Raj Ampat. The crew is eager to satisfy your needs, and the food is great! They are flexible to switch things around if the divers want something different. I had the single room, and it's comfortable enough. It had a plumbing issue toward the end of the trip, and the crew identified it before I did and fixed it. Overall, a modern boat that offers good food and diving.

Crew, meal, Boat
  • 7.6 좋음
  • Mark B
  • 미국 미국
Disappointed with no Nitrox aboard (surprise), mediocre food, problems with A/C and toilet plumbing in room.

The dives made at Kuhn Island were impressive, loved the Mandarin dive in the Banda harbor, The fish and reef life throughout was exceptional but lack of sharks and poor visibility was unfortunate. Saw a Pilot Whale and many dolphins while traveling between sites. Saw a couple of mantas, giant barracuda, octopus, cuttlefish, turtles, juvenile and adult batfish, huge bumphead parrotfish, eels and sea snakes, ghost pipefish and pygmy seahorses, leaf scorpionfish and all kinds of fish. The reefs were in great condition with giant fans and plenty of colorful soft camera was happy to say the least!

The diving was great, the weather was great and the boat crew was superb!
  • 9.2 훌륭함
  • Michael K
  • 미국 미국
Amazing First Liveaboard Experience in Komodo

The cauldron / shotgun and Batu Balong were my favorite dives. The party on the last night of the trip (what I remember of it) was the best part of the trip.

1. The dive crew were both very knowledgeable and wonderful people. I’ve been diving for over 20 years but the currents in Komodo can get serious. However, I always felt entirely safe and well prepared. The week made me a much better diver.
  • 8.4 아주 좋음
  • Philippe D
  • 프랑스 프랑스
The best we can get for a diving cruise in Komodo island

Des plongées exceptionnelles, ne pas manquer Cristal Rock, le plus beau et confortable bateau de toute la zone, un propriétaire aussi généreux que sympathique et un staff exceptionnel qui nous a fait passer des moments d’exception, toujours attentifs et aux petits soins. Une dernière soirée inoubliable en chansons et en danse autour d’un superbe barbecue !

The boat, the wonderful owner and the incredible quality of the staff and service.
  • 8.8 굉장함
  • Andrew B
  • 오스트레일리아 오스트레일리아
Great trip, very good diving, staff were fantastic

The diving and site selection were very good, manta rays and sharks everywhere. The Komodo Island visit was very good, we saw lots of dragons

Diving, Diving and the staff,
  • 10 이례적임
  • Xuechuan S
  • 싱가포르 싱가포르
My husband and I have been to Liveaboard ships in Myanmar,, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Maldives. The bed, the bathroom and shower, the sound isolation and the free soft drink selections on Seai

The dives, of course! Why do divers come to Komodo? Cristal Rock, Batu Bolong, Manta Alley, Shot Gun and so on. Seaisee made sure we went there and finished the dives safely in strong current. Unfortunately, the trip isn't long enough.

Dive safety, great room and share room, friendliness
  • 10 이례적임
  • Alexander C
  • 미국 미국
komodo national park

I had an unforgettable experience diving around Komodo national park. The boat was modern, clean, and specially designed for diving. The food was excellent. The crew was friendly and the dive master was very knowledgable. I felt like royalty during my stay and wish I could have stayed longer.

diving facilities, great cabin, knowledgeable crew