Katarina Line Deluxe Superior

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“The whole week was amazing - exactly what we had hoped for. Our tour manager Daniella is the best! Loved swimming off the back of …”

Eric H, 캐나다 캐나다
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  • Complimentary leisure equipment
  • Gourmet dining
  • Katarina Line Deluxe Superior ships: Adriatic Sky, Adriatic Sun, Aurelia, Avangard, Ave Maria, Black Swan, Futura, Infinity, Maritimo, Markan, Nautilus, Rhapsody, and Riva.

The Katarina Line Deluxe Superior fleet comprises 13 ships in the Adriatic Sea, designed for exclusive cruising experiences along the stunning Adriatic coast. These luxurious vessels carry the latest technology and modern amenities, ensuring comfort and style. The boats accommodate between 36 to 38 passengers. While each vessel has unique features, they all share common traits defining the Deluxe Superior experience. The cabins vary in size and configuration, with some offering private balconies for admiring the coastline. They are serviced daily, are fully air-conditioned, and have essential amenities, including a hairdryer, a safe, a TV, and an internal phone.

Every boat features a main salon with a dining area, bar, and lounge seating. Some vessels offer additional lounge spaces for socializing and relaxation. All Deluxe Superior vessels provide outdoor spaces for soaking up the sun and enjoying the views. Most boats offer sundecks with sunbeds and seating, and many feature rooftop jacuzzis. Each boat offers a fully air-conditioned dining area, providing gourmet dining experiences. Bars are also available, offering refreshing beverages and entertainment.

Complimentary leisure equipment, such as snorkeling gear and swimming equipment, is available on all vessels. Some even have jet skis, kayaks, SUP boards, and water skis. The swimming platforms provide easy access to crystal-clear waters. A hallmark of the Deluxe Superior experience is the exceptional personal service provided by the crew. The Deluxe Superior fleet from Katarina Line promises a luxurious and unforgettable cruising adventure through the Adriatic.

Cruises on the Deluxe Superior category ship will be on one of the following boats: Adriatic Sky, Adriatic Sun, Aurelia, Avangard, Ave Maria, Black Swan, Futura, Infinity, Maritimo, Markan, Nautilus, Rhapsody, and Riva. Guests will be informed 2 weeks before trip departure which boat their cruise will be on. Katarina Line's Deluxe Superior fleet is equipped to explore diverse destinations, from coastal towns to hidden ports.

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Katarina Line Deluxe Superior 리뷰

  • 9.7 이례적임
  1. 선박
  2. 크루
  3. 음식
  4. 액티비티
  5. 가치
  • 10 이례적임
  • Eric H
  • 캐나다 캐나다
Outstanding experience - the only way to cruise along the coast.

The whole week was amazing - exactly what we had hoped for. Our tour manager Daniella is the best! Loved swimming off the back of the boat in small coves and beaches. Good balance of cruising along the coast and guided visits to small towns. The Bibich Winery visit was especially interesting as was the champagne reception before we toured the Apoxyomenos Museum in Mali Losinj.

Staff were all amazing. Food catered to my wife's food intolerances. Amazing camraderie amongst the 31 passengers.
  • 10 이례적임
  • Graham O
  • 오스트레일리아 오스트레일리아
Wonderful trip with lots of experiences to fill the time.

Stopping off at the different islands with an introductory tour on each. Swimming in the Adriatic. Food and wine tasting excursions.

Luxury of the vessel, lots of activities and helpfulness of the staff.
  • 8.0 아주 좋음
  • Jean-Philippe M
  • 프랑스 프랑스
Un magnifique séjour en mer

Visite de Korcula

Prestation de très bon niveau, qualité du guide et de l'équipage
  • 9.2 훌륭함
  • Karen D
  • 영국 영국
Amazing way to see Croatia

Cycling around the lakes, swim stops, walking along the golden horn beach, visiting the oyster farm, the Captains dinner, drinking cocktails at the top of a castle turret, delicious food in beautiful restaurants, breathtaking scenery

The amount of beautiful places we visited, the amazing variety of the activities, our tour guide Zoron
  • 9.6 이례적임
  • Don N
  • 캐나다 캐나다
Amazing boat with great crew

Experiencing new towns in northern Croatia. Very different

Meals , facilities and staff
  • 10 이례적임
  • Barry R
  • 오스트레일리아 오스트레일리아
Amazing cruise, wanted to stay longer

The villages we stopped at - magic. Loved the daily swims too

Plenty of free time , awesome guide , lots of space on noard
  • 10 이례적임
  • John G
  • 캐나다 캐나다
Excellent visit to the Dalmatian coast and islands.

Excellent captain, cruise director and crew, good guides, and good on board food. Excellent service to and from the ship and lucky that we travelled early in the season. Nice to experience some meals off the ship.

Korcula and the guide, Dubrovnik, visit to Mljet national park.
  • 10 이례적임
  • Jade N
  • 오스트레일리아 오스트레일리아
Better than imagined, recommend to everyone.

The daily swim stops were beautiful, recommendations for restaurants and bars left on the notice board were really helpful. Overall a really great trip and beyond expectations. We will be telling our friends and family back home to book a KATARINA cruise when they are in Europe next. There were no negatives for us :)

Swim stops, crew and food
  • 10 이례적임
  • Susie B
  • 영국 영국

There were so many highlights and magical moments that it would be difficult to say which was the best. Dubrovnik was amazing and probably takes the top spot. There again, swimming in crystal clear water off the back of the boat, pure heaven!

Our tour guide Stan, the crew and the food
  • 10 이례적임
  • Rodney D
  • 오스트레일리아 오스트레일리아
We were apprehensive about holidaying with unknown guests but we had a blast!


The cruise director (Daniela) was absolutely brilliant!