Fethiye Liveaboard Diving

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Fethiye Liveaboard Diving

Liveaboard Diving in Fethiye

Fethiye is an excellent destination for an unforgettable diving adventure in Turkey. Located on the country's southwestern coast, this coastal town boasts stunning scenery, warm waters, and abundant marine life. Liveaboard diving in Fethiye allows you to explore the best dive sites in the area while enjoying the comfort and convenience of a liveaboard vessel.

What to Expect from Liveaboard Diving in Fethiye

Fethiye is a prime location for diving due to its diverse marine life and underwater topography. The area is known for its crystal-clear waters, warm temperatures, and excellent visibility, making it an ideal destination for novice and experienced divers.

Liveaboard diving in Fethiye offers the opportunity to explore some of the best dive sites in the region. The Butterfly Valley is one of the most popular dive sites, known for its stunning underwater landscape and diverse marine life. The site is a perfect spot for macro photographers, with nudibranchs, shrimp, and crabs hiding in the crevices of the rocks.

Another must-see dive site in Fethiye is the Afkule Wall. The site features a stunning underwater wall that drops to depths of up to 40 meters, providing an exhilarating diving experience. The wall is covered in colorful soft corals and sponges, and divers can often spot large groupers, barracudas, and schools of jacks.

How to Get There

Fethiye is easily accessible from both Dalaman and Antalya airports. The transfer time from Dalaman is around 45 minutes, and it's approximately three hours from Antalya. Once you arrive in Fethiye, you can easily board your liveaboard vessel from the harbor.

Best Time of Year to Dive in Fethiye

The best time of year to dive in Fethiye is between May and October. During these months, the water temperatures range from 20 to 28°C, and visibility can reach up to 30 meters. The warm waters during this time provide perfect conditions for divers to explore the colorful underwater world of Fethiye.

Dive Sites and Areas of Fethiye

Liveaboard diving around Fethiye in Turkey can provide various dive options for divers. If you're lucky, you may even see dolphins and rays in the waters around Fethiye. Some of the popular sites visited by liveaboards are listed below;

Kizilada is not too far from Fethiye City and includes the dive sites Kizilada Light House and Kizilada Canyon.

Aladins Cavern is, as the name suggests, a cavern dive where shrimp and corals line the walls, and you can surface inside the cavern to what is known as the ‘Turkish Bath.’

Aquarium Bay lives up to its name, boasting numerous marine life, including schooling Barracuda, Jackfish, and many nudibranchs.

Dalyan Bay has a gently sloping bottom providing an easy dive. Friendly fish which are used to divers, allow you to feed them in a particular rocky area.

Amphores Bay is home to an ancient Roman amphorae site containing 3 tunnels to navigate along with a variety of marine life, including Octopus, Grouper, and Crayfish.

Liveaboard itineraries that dive in the Fethiye area will usually depart and finish in Fethiye Port, although some itineraries can make a one-way trip from Jeddah. Check your chosen itinerary for details.

Marine Life in Fethiye

Fethiye is home to abundant marine life, including various species of fish, crustaceans, and cephalopods. Divers can spot octopuses, cuttlefish, and squids hiding in the rocks and corals. The area is also known for its large grouper and sea bass populations.

The loggerhead turtle is one of the most iconic creatures to see while diving in Fethiye. These gentle giants can grow up to 1.2 meters in length and are a protected species in Turkey. Divers on liveaboard trips in Fethi

ye may have the chance to encounter these magnificent creatures swimming gracefully through the water.

In addition to the loggerhead turtle, Fethiye is also home to a variety of other sea turtles, including the green turtle and the hawksbill turtle. These creatures play a vital role in the underwater ecosystem and highlight any diving experience in Fethiye.

Other marine life divers may encounter while diving in Fethiye include moray eels, lionfish, scorpionfish, and a variety of colorful reef fish. With so much to see, every dive in Fethiye will surely be an adventure.

Tips for Divers

  • When planning your liveaboard diving trip in Fethiye, it's essential to pack appropriately. Bring warm clothing for the evenings, sunscreen for the daytime, and a wetsuit for the dives. You'll also want to ensure you have all of your necessary diving equipment and certifications.
  • While diving in Fethiye, respecting marine life and the environment is important. Do not touch or disturb any creatures, and dispose of your trash appropriately. Remember, we are visitors to their underwater world.
  • It's also essential to dive within your limits and experience level. Fethiye has dive sites suitable for all levels, but if you're a beginner, stick to the easier dives and gain experience before attempting the more challenging ones.


Fethiye is a top-notch diving destination with something for everyone, whether you're an experienced diver or just starting. With its stunning underwater landscapes, diverse marine life, and warm waters, it's no wonder Fethiye is quickly becoming a favorite among diving enthusiasts.

Liveaboard diving in Fethiye offers a unique and immersive way to experience all the diving the region has to offer. With a liveaboard trip, you can explore multiple dive sites and enjoy the convenience of having everything you need on board. From comfortable accommodation and delicious meals to equipment rental and expert guidance, a liveaboard diving trip in Fethiye has it all.

So if you're looking for an unforgettable diving adventure in the Mediterranean, Fethiye is definitely worth considering. With its warm waters, stunning scenery, and incredible marine life, you will surely have an experience of a lifetime. Book your liveaboard diving trip to Fethiye today and start exploring this underwater paradise.


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