Golondrina, Galapagos


Join the Golondrina yacht for an exciting small-ship cruise in the Galapagos Islands. Catering to just 16 guests, she offers attention to detail, a relaxing atmosphere and personalized service. Eight twin bunk-bed cabins are available, each carpeted with en-suite bathrooms, hot water showers and AC. Social areas include a comfortable dining room where local freshly prepared dishes are served a la carte style, indoor salon and bar with entertainment facilities and sun-deck perfect for relaxing in-between activities.

The Golondrina yacht offers 5 and 8-day itineraries which are designed so that guests experience the best of the Galapagos Islands and the incredible wildlife diversity. Snorkel with sea lions and penguins, swim with turtles and rays and hike to spectacular panoramic viewpoints. Itineraries can also be combined back to back to really see everything the Galapagos has to offer.

The experienced and professional crew of the Golondrina yacht are on hand to help during your memorable small-ship cruise. Call us or book online today to reserve your space.

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Included: VAT, Fuel Surcharge, Airport Transfer, Drinking Water, Tea & Coffee, Full-Board Meal Plan (All meals), Snacks, Land Excursions, Naturalist Guide, Cabin Towels.

Required Extras: National Park Fees (100 USD per trip), Visas and Fees (20 USD per trip).

Optional Extras: Gratuities, Local Flights (510 USD per trip), Alcoholic Beverages, Soft drinks, Snorkel Gear (25-35 USD per trip).

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* Extra fees are shown per person.

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Boat features

  • Daily housekeeping
  • Audio & video entertainment
  • Air Conditioned saloon
  • Aircon Cabins
  • Sun Deck
  • Indoor Saloon
  • Non-Diver (Snorkeler) Friendly
  • En-Suite bathrooms
  • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Naturalist Itineraries
  • Dedicated Local & International Crew
  • Naturalist Guide
  • Bar
  • Naturalist Guide

Food & Drinks

  • Western Food
  • Local Food
  • Vegetarian Options
  • Buffet style
  • Beer available
  • Vegan Options

If you have any specific dietary requirements whilst on-board your cruise, you can add this to your special requests on step 2 of the booking form. We advise limiting these requests to religious beliefs or food allergies.

Languages Spoken

The crew speaks English and Spanish.

Gear Rental

There is equipment available to rent on this boat. Please provide your rental needs on the booking form.
You will need to pay for the rental gear on board of the boat. Show prices.

Drawings & Vessel Layouts

#deckplan floorplan

Boat Specifications

  • Length 22.22 meters
  • Beam 5.09 meters
  • Cruising speed 8 knots
  • Max guests 16
  • Number of cabins 8
  • Number of bathrooms 8

Boat Navigation and Safety

  • Radar
  • GPS
  • Radio VHF/DSC/SSB
  • E.P.I.R.B. Distress System
  • Emergency Rafts
  • Life Vests
  • Fire Alarm & Fire Extinguishers
  • First Aid Kits
  • Emergency flares

Golondrina Reviews

  • 8.8 Fabulous
  • 23 Verified Reviews
  1. Vessel
  2. Crew
  3. Food
  4. Activities
  5. Value
  • 9.2 Superb
  • Daniel P
  • United States United States
A very interesting and educational experience.

Seeing the variety on each island and swimming with sharks and turtles.

Recommended for
The crew, the variety of God’s creation, snorkeling
  • 8.0 Very good
  • Gordon W
  • United States United States
Life is beautiful

Snorkeling with sea turtles, and fishes. A sea lion come face to face with me . It was a little scary but it was a friendly sea lion and turned it unforgettable sweet moment.

Recommended for
Cruise staff and our guide, great snorkeling experience,
  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Janice W
  • United States United States
I couldn't think of a better way to see the Galapagos than on a small ship cruise; the experience was delightful and the service was excellent.

Seeing the land tortoises in their native habitat as well as the breeding facilities at the Charles Darwin Station was really special. I enjoyed all the wildlife we saw, especially when in their natural settings (sea lions, marine turtles, sharks, rays, land iguanas, marine iguanas, hawks, flamingos, blue-footed boobies, flightless cormorants, and a myriad of other bird species, as well as the tropical fish). The snorkeling experiences were also great.

Recommended for
The cruise was well organized and the crew was exceptional. Our guide was very knowledgeable and helpful as well. All activities were safely supervised.
  • 10 Exceptional
  • Cheri P
  • United States United States

Photographing blue footed Boobies, walking the islands, snorkeling, meeting people

Recommended for
Guide, staff, activities
  • 9.6 Exceptional
  • Mark P
  • United States United States
We got switched last minute to the "Fragata"...so review is for the "FRAGATA"...not "GOLONDRINA"...just FYI.

So...here's my take on a 'cruise in the Galapagos Islands' aboard the "FRAGATA". Again, we were moved from the 'GOLONDRINA', last minute, to the 'FRAGATA'...probably because of COVID & perhaps there were fewer bookings? Not sure. The 'FRAGATA' is a bit larger than the 'GOLONDRINA' but we didn't board the 'GOLONDRINA' so I cannot compare the 2. We were advised from friends who had been, that one doesn't go to the Galapagos & stay on 'land'...one takes a 'cruise' through the islands. Ok...well, we did both. We first spent 4 days in Puerto Ayora then 5 days on a cruise. I must tell you...for the price of the cruise (& this was one of the less expensive cruises), we would have been better off just staying put in Puerto Ayora & doing 'daily excursions' from there to other islands. Our main focus was doing things in the WATER...i.e, SNORKELING. I guess there are a few people who go to the Galapagos to do hiking treks on the islands. But that was NOT our goal. These islands, for the most part, are some of the UGLIEST islands we've seen. They are desolate, dry, scrubby, volcanic terrain. Yes, there are birds & iguanas & crabs that live on the islands themselves. But I suspect most people visit the Galapagos to be IN THE WATER. That is where the ACTION is. I was quite disappointed that we did not stop at more places to snorkel. It wasn't the crew's fault that we lost an engine...so most of the cruise we were playing 'catch up' to get to our destinations, sailing overnight. Flying into the Galapagos, one sees these beautiful turquoise lagoons hugging the coast of these islands. Makes a snorkeler's mouth water. Unfortunately, most of the places we snorkeled were not those places, for some reason. We were offered as many, if not more opportunities to 'hike' as to snorkel, which, again, was sorely disappointing. Like I said, we could have done SO MUCH MORE snorkeling if we had just stayed put in Puerto Ayora & did day trips to SNORKEL. Our very last day of this 5 day trip was the best. We stopped at Mexican Hat...a snorkel paradise. WHY there weren't MORE of these days is beyond me & again, a HUGE disappointment. I opted to STOP going on the boring hikes & just opted to jump into the water. I got a LOT more out of it by not going on the hikes. The sea life in the Galapagos is why most people go there. ONE hike would have been enough, if that. Honestly, I could have done without ANY land hikes. These islands are NOT 'Hawai'i' or 'Tahiti'...quite the opposite. Though I must say, Puerto Ayora is quite more near being 'tropical' as they grow pineapples, coconuts & bananas. The highlands of Santa Cruz are quite green & can produce a lot of food. Most likely why this is the most populated island. My advice, if you don't wish to spend $2,000.00/day on a cruise is to just stay in Puerto Ayora & do as many day trips as you want. I suspect we could have saved TONS of $$$ by doing that & would have experienced a LOT more sea life. It was a good experience, the cruise. The crew was outstanding, helpful, generous, kind, considerate & very professional. KUDOS to all of them, including our guide. This boat, the "FRAGATA", is an old vessel that has probably been refurbished more than once. Had a lot of old world charm...felt a bit like stepping back in time. Food was excellent, delicious & very healthy. They accommodated us vegetarians with delightful substitutes. We are grateful for their efforts in that regard. We realize these islands are quite remote & it is expensive & difficult to get parts & supplies for ANYTHING into these islands. That being said, I must say that the 'dingy rides' were a mixed bag. The dingy captains were amazing & very skilled at their jobs & very kind & very helpful. My only complaint was the ENORMOUS amount of POLLUTION that SPEWED OUT from each dingy motor. OMG! On top of sometimes choppy seas (thank all of the gods for DRAMAMINE!), the addition of breathing down gallons of pu

Recommended for
Crew, food, water activities
  • 8.0 Very good
  • JOHN K
  • United States United States
Fantastic trip, great crew

Seeing the sea turtles,sharks and sea lions while snorkeling

Recommended for
Shore hiking, snorkeling and great crew
  • 10 Exceptional
  • Molly M
  • United States United States
Our wonderful experience was on the Fragata

Living on the boat while being totally cared for and cooked for and having great conversations and hikes and snorkeling. It could not have been better

Recommended for
The crew, the itinerary and the guide
  • 8.8 Fabulous
  • Nora F
  • United States United States
A lot in a small package

The ship was small enabling the crew to assist each of us almost on a one on one basis. This let me feel more comfortable attempting the lava fields and the ocean snorkeling. The knowledge of our guide about each island and animal species left me feeling as if I had lived in that area for years. I highly recommend the Golondrina and her wonderful crew.

Recommended for
The great support of the crew, the indegenious wildlife, the friendliness of the passengers
  • 8.0 Very good
  • Ofer Z
  • United States United States
Ok, but switched to another boat

The Galapagos are nice but this itinerary has few highlights, lots of dead time and rather limited marine experience. Highlights were the iguanas and seals, and one of the two snorkeling trips

Recommended for
Nice surroundings, friendly staff
  • 7.6 Good
  • Amy M
  • United States United States
Safety and comfort were issues

Snorkeling was amazing. However the Boats to take us in to snorkel did not work properly Engines kept failing and was not safe. The crew did their best with what was given to them so not their fault but the owner of the boat needs to update engines and comfort of boat. No hot water for showers after freezing in ocean. Life jackets had a lot of broken clips.

Recommended for
The guide and crew did excellent job
  • 8.0 Very good
  • Meredith P
  • United States United States
Basic accommododies but great food, crew and guides

Snorkeling, tortoises and sea turtles galore! Did the 5 day but really only 3 days on boat, I wouldve booked the 8 day if I could go back in time, you see a lot more and is less time on the boat then I thought. Only recommend if you are ok with tight uncomfy sleeping quarters, rest of boat was nice and comfy.

Recommended for
places visted, guide knowledge and food
  • 8.8 Fabulous
  • Matan B
  • Israel Israel
Good value for money, economy ship but amazing trip

The diverse itinerary gave us numerous opportunities for close-up encounters wit animals. Diving with 5 sea-turtles was best.

Recommended for
The guide, The food, The Itinerary
  • 8.0 Very good
  • HAN D
  • China China
very good experience


Recommended for
clean, friendly crew, good tour guide
  • 10 Exceptional
  • Andrea P
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
Fantastic experience amazing value for money

Seeing all the wildlife and the snorkelling was fantastic

Recommended for
The guide the animals the boat
  • 8.4 Very good
  • anja B
  • Switzerland Switzerland
view abd natur of galappagos are worth it allways

last snorkeling in the volcano animals and natur (flora and fauna) crew drawings of the guide every day (programm)

Recommended for
crew, food, natur (snorkeling)
  • 8.0 Very good
  • Tarja K
  • Finland Finland
Laiva oli FRAGATA (ei Golondrina), joten en voi arvostella Golondrinaa (ei kokemusta)

Koko GALAPAGOS (saaret, luonto, eläimet) ja sitä vartenhan tämän matkan halusin!

Recommended for
Opas laivalla, laivan miehistö, kaikki Galapagoksen eläimet!
  • 8.8 Fabulous
  • Ram H
  • Israel Israel
An amazing wonderful experience in Galapagos

Swimming with Sea lions and turteles.walking among Frigates Albatross Boobies Iguanas and Sea lions...

Recommended for
Islands nature. Snorkeling. Guide and crew..
  • 8.0 Very good
  • Remo B
  • Italy Italy

It was great to learn that there are still places in the world not dominated by humans

Recommended for
Visit to Rabida, a lot of natural resources, great guide
  • 10 Exceptional
  • Anne G
  • Germany Germany
The highlight of our honeymoon.

Snorkeling with sharks, turtles, sea lions, ...

Recommended for
snorkeling with animals that you only know from documentaries, friendly staff, local and healthy food
  • 10 Exceptional
  • Iris B
  • Germany Germany
Great experience but I was upgraded to another ship

snorkeling, learning from our guide, the landscape

Recommended for
snorkeling, learning from our guide, the landscape
  • 6.0 Review score
  • Peter R
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
The most appalling unhealthy ship I have ever been on, it should be condemned as a threat to health and your company should not promote it.

The wonderful bird and marine life, the scenery, the guide and crew. What a wonderful experience, but sadly at the end of the holiday it was wonderful to get off such an appalling ship.

Recommended for
The islands, the guide and the captain and crew.
Origin: US