Liveaboard Diving in Pipin

What To Expect On a Pipin Liveaboard

Liveaboard diving in Pipin will often be as part of a dive tour sailing through much of what the Jardines De La Reina, or 'Gardens of the Queen', has to offer, including the beautiful sites of Vicente, Farallon, and Black Coral I and II. Located in the famous Cuba marine reserve of Jardines De La Reina, Pipin is a world class dive site guaranteed to impress even the most experienced of divers. Pipin liveaboards normally last around a week, enabling divers to immerse themselves in the turquiose, warm, welcoming waters as much as possible by undertaking several dives per day.

Pipin Underwater

Visibility at Pipin is often in excess of 40 metres, allowing an unspoilt view of the marine environment, which divers will enjoy in pleasant temperatures (average water temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius). The reef lies at approximately 15 metres, and features several caves for the adventurous members of each live aboard group, as well as some nice and calm gentle areas for easy diving. Corals come in many shapes and sizes, including giant gorgonian fans, black coral, laminar corals and colourful sponges. Eagle rays are regularly seen gliding through the blue, joined by elegant turtles and schools of Jacks. Hammerhead sharks often reaching 3 metres have been sighted at Pipin before, along with other shark species such as Silkys and various reef sharks. The mangroves in the Jardines De La Reina ensure that the reefs remain healthy, and are able to support an incredibly biodiverse ecosystem, perfect for liveaboard diving.

Getting To Pipin

In order to sample the underwater tropical paradise on offer at Pipin, the best option is to set sail on a Cuba liveaboard diving tour bound for Jardines De La Reina. features several operators, each company with comfortable boats equipped with luxuries such as air conditioning, warm water showers and reliable electricity. Most liveaboard boats bound for this region will leave from the port of Jucaro which is approximately a 5 hour drive from Havana. It is possible to arrange your own transport in order to reach Jucaro, but a better a better idea is to contact your liveaboard operator and have them pick you up from Havana. Havana is Cuba's capital, a large urban centre to the north of the island with all the amenities you'd expect. The airport is around 9 miles out of town, and serves a wide range of international locations. It's likely you'll be able to fly here directly from overseas, as flights come from as far afield as Europe, Asia, and North America, as well as other parts of Latin America. The notable exception is the United States.