Liveaboard Diving in Donsol


Liveaboards to Donsol will allow you to enjoy this area with opportunities to snorkel alongside whale sharks often seen in the bay. Donsol town's area is enjoyed by bike and on foot over grass and hills. It is an area where the river meets the sea and diversifies the life available to see. Liveaboard diving in Donsol on a Philippines liveaboard will allow you to see this lush, green volcanic landscape leading to the rock's crater edge from your boat.

Donsol Underwater

Donsol liveaboard itineraries allow you to visit many sites mostly untouched by scuba divers. These sights cannot be easily reached in a day trip, so the sealife here rarely sees a scuba diver unless on one of the few liveaboard dive tours in the area. A famous spot for manta rays and whale shark sightings, you will likely catch a glimpse of these majestic animals. Keep your eyes peeled for Hammerhead and thresher sharks on this diving cruise when in the deeper, colder waters. Liveaboard boats in Donsol often sail between dive sites that do not normally get visited on the same day-by-day trips, so this option is a great way to take in all the sites at once.

Dive Sites Of Donsol

Manta Bowl Plankton from the San Bernardino Pass brings in Manta rays. Here, reach a maximum depth of 20m. Treat yourself here to thresher shark and hammerhead spotting, too. In the currents, try not to lose your buddy through the schools of interested fusiliers.

San Miguel Healthy reefs here are full of macro life. At depth, you can find caves to explore on this dive cruise. There are many dive site options here, from maximum depths of 16m - 20m. All abilities are catered for at this dive area.

Shark Apartment: At 18m deep in the boulders, you will likely encounter full-sized adult white-tip reef sharks. You will also find groupers and reef fish such as angel fish and bannerfish here. As well as the sea creatures on this site, these massive boulders are awe-inspiring, once spewed from the volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago.

Tres Grace Diving with Philippines liveaboards, you can take in this steep sloping wall off a white swathing beach on the North of San Miguel island. Enjoy scuba diving along this limestone wall formation and have a go at swim-throughs. Also, as you ascend, look at the vast array of soft corals like a garden of flowers on the slope. This site has a maximum depth of 20m.

Top Tips For Divers

Bring your underwater camera to catch the moments in the clear water. You will likely catch some wonderful snaps of the mantas that will make your diving pals back home very jealous of your trip. If you plan to stay in Donsol, book accommodation early as this area has only a few places to stay, and they can become quickly booked up. There are important considerations to make when booking a trip in this area: the dive sites here are affected by weather conditions, monsoons, and currents. Liveaboard diving here is well-planned in line with the weather in this area.

Getting To Donsol

You will more often than not arrive in the Philippines through the capital's Manila airport. Although you can get here with a 10-12 hour drive, the easiest transport from Manila is by Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific flights to Legaspi. Then, a public air-conditioned shuttle will take you to Donsol.