Adventure Cruises in Bigova

The tiny town of Bigova is perched deep in a naturally sheltered bay in the beautiful region of Budva. A hotspot for small cruise ships and other yachts and day boats, the town is full of the wonderful energy that makes Montenegro so special. A Bigova cruise will moor in the heart of the bay giving guests the chance to either jump in the clear, fresh waters the area is famous for or hop on land for sunbathing and delicious seafood.

A cruise to Bigova gives you the chance to experience the boating culture of Montenegro as well as get in the water and enjoy the pleasures of the Adriatic.

Top things to do and see in Bigova

The town of Bigova is quite small compared to some other stops on a small ship cruise in Montenegro. Thanks to the shape of the bay around Bigova the area enjoys a reputation as one of the best spots for watersports. Swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving are all on offer in the area's tranquil and clear waters. This is also thanks to the abundance of marine life in the area which makes for great diving and good fishing trips. The small paved beach area is equipped with sun loungers and there are several steps and ladders to get you in the Adriatic for a dip, or try snorkelling to spot fish and octopi.

The sheltered conditions also make this a very popular yachting town, with many small cruises and private boats stopping off here while exploring the coast. There is a lively atmosphere in Bigova despite the small size of the town. The waterfront is usually bustling with boaters and local tourists during the summer months. This is also a great spot for eyeing up the numerous luxury yachts and spending hours people watching.

There are two small and quaint restaurants on the shore in Bigova, both sell excellent seafood dishes and typical Montenegrin dishes and wines. The sweeping views of the bay and surrounding countryside from the waterfront restaurants is absolutely beautiful. Those who want a closer look at the countryside around Bigova will find a number of trails through the forest. Head further up the slope to get great views of the bay and the town. It is however worth keeping walking to the morning times as the area can be very hot in the middle of the day, particularly in the summer months.

Best time to cruise Bigova

The waters around Bigova are just perfect for swimming and other water sport activities, especially in the summer months when the water temperature can be up to 30 degrees. The high season for Bigova is between June and the end of August when the sun is at its hottest and the area is buzzing with tourists both local and foreign. In May and September there is still bright sunshine and calm waters but the in-water temperature can be a few degrees cooler. This time of the year is however ideal for walking and boat-based water sports such as fishing. The town is also a little quieter during the Spring and Autumn, making it ideal for those who prefer to have the place to themselves.

Top tips for visiting Bigova on a cruise

  • There are only two restaurants in Bigova so be sure to either ask for a reservation or come at a quiet time in the summer.
  • The town has a small shop which can be used to buy supplies but be aware that it is quite limited in stock.

Where do Bigova cruises depart from?

Most cruises of Montenegro's coast, especially in Budva region, begin and end in the port town of Tivat. There are some small ship cruises which finish in Kotor town and offer transfers back to Tivat, as this is the location of the international airport. Tivat airport's proximity to the coast makes it the natural choice for embarking on a Bigova cruise. The town itself, with an impressive superyacht marina and wealth of restaurants and bars is a great place to stop off for a few days as well.