Adventure Cruises in Corfu

Visually stunning and thick with romance and history, a Corfu small ship cruise takes you on a journey to the island that has inspired so many literary and artistic works over the years. The island's laid-back lifestyle, traditional architecture, and stunning landscape have transformed it from a quiet and simple island into a worldwide favorite small cruise destination. The island is one of two sides, in many ways; there is the side of well-kept resorts and bustling towns and the other part of sloping green hills, remote beach paradises, and tiny villages clinging implausibly to cliffsides. Visiting Corfu in Greece on a small ship cruise means you can take advantage of both parts, soak in the lively towns before sailing around the corner to a deserted beach or quaint fishing village. There are so many idyllic swimming spots it would take years to see them all and the blue of the water has to be seen to be believed.

Best Corfu Island Cruises and Areas to Visit

Corfu Town

A tribute to the multicultural history of the island, Corfu town is full to the brim with elegant architecture and a wealth of historic buildings. Your first glance from a small ship cruise will allow you to take in the Old Fortress of Corfu town, a Venetian fort with a panoramic view over the city, which houses several fascinating artifacts and the beautiful and rather grand St George Church. The streets of the old town are a beautiful historic labyrinth with hundreds of small restaurants, bars, and many fascinating museums and galleries. There are also thirty-nine different churches to be seen in the town including the particularly striking St Spyridon Church with its vast bell tower sticking out above the beautiful buildings surrounding it.

Cape Drastis

A must on any small ship cruise of Corfu, Cape Drastis is one of the best swimming and snorkeling spots on Corfu. It can only be accessed by sea, or the top side can be reached by walking, which has made it one of the beauty spots of Corfu that remains relatively untouched. The rock formations under the water are beautiful, and you can swim around the sea caves and cliff edges looking for fish and small creatures. The white cliffs, tiny islets, and sea caves are visually stunning, and the waters around are clear, clean and almost turquoise, and the rocks and strips of sand at the base are ideal for soaking up some sun.

Vlacherna Monastery and Mouse Island

This much-photographed spot on Corfu is a favorite stop-off on a small ship cruise of Corfu. The tiny islet of Vlacherna is connected to the mainland by a short path where boats can moor. The monastery is open to visitors, and you can visit the chapel and light a candle in the local tradition. Nearby, Mouse Island is not connected from the land, and visitors are only allowed to go to the Chapel of Pantokrator, which can be found there once a year on the 6th of August. At all other times of the year, however, your small ship cruise can take you around the island without landing, and you can take a look at the chapel while still afloat.

Best time to cruise in Corfu

The best time to visit Corfu depends on which of the island's many delights you wish to enjoy. The weather here is excellent and dry for most of the year, although there can be cooler days and rain in the winter months. The summer, on the other hand, is very hot like most of the Greek islands, so this is the perfect time to come to enjoy some of Corfu's top activities, sunbathing and swimming in its beautiful waters. The summer season runs from June to August and is the peak time on an island that is very popular with visitors from many different countries. The island is lively, and everything is in full swing at this time but be sure to book anything you need, including your small ship cruise, well in advance and be prepared for slightly higher prices as well. The peripheral months of May and September offer cooler temperatures for cultural and nature visits as well as quieter towns and beaches.

How to get to Corfu

Small ship cruises of Corfu typically embark at the Old Port of Corfu which is easily reached from Corfu International Airport. It is easiest to fly from the US to either Athens and connect to Corfu or go through a major European airport, London often has the most frequent direct flights to Corfu. It is possible to take the ferry to Corfu from numerous different ports on the Italian coast.

Corfu Island Cruise Tips

  • Corfu's weather is part of the big attraction to the island for so many. It is worth remembering that the midday sun can be scorching hot even in the colder months. Be sure to bring clothes that keep you cool but also provide sun protection and plenty of sunscreens as well.
  • Choose your itinerary carefully, there are some of the Dodecanese Islands where you can easily see everything on a single cruise, Corfu isn't one of them. Most will take in the main spots but if you have specific places in mind check that your journey will take you there.
  • Corfu has some impressive and often dramatic snorkeling spots; many small ship cruises provide this equipment, but it is worth investing in or bringing your own for the most comfortable fit.
  • Local cuisine has so much to offer that you would struggle to taste it all in a year, but you must try the so-called peasant cuisine. Traditional meals from the countryside such as bourdeto a delicious spicy fish dish favored by locals and visitors alike.