Small Ship Cruises in Dalyan

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Small Ship Cruises in Dalyan

Adventure Cruises in Dalyan

Dalyan lies on the river that gives it its name and has a rich and varied history. Dalyan cruises have something for everyone, whether exploring ancient ruins, hiking, or indulging in the odd mud bath. The town is located on the southwest coast of Turkey in the heart of the tourist area. Dalyan lies between the resorts of Marmaris and Fethiye. With so many things to do, adventure cruises to Dalyan can often be the highlight of any cruise in southwest turkey.

Top Things to Do in Dalyan

There is a wide range of interesting and varied activities in Dalyan. Things to do include:

When in Dalyan, you should not miss out on visiting the ancient city of Caunus, also known as Kaunos. The city dates back to 3000 BC and features many exciting sites, including an agora, a theatre, a couple of harbors, and four temples. The ancient city also featured churches, a cistern, and baths.

Keeping up the archaeological theme, visiting the Lycian tombs of the Kings is also a unique experience. The tombs are carved from rocky cliffs and overlook the Dalyan River delta. They are the final resting place of the King of Caunos. Aside from the site's history, the picturesque area offers stunning views.

How better to relax after exploring history than to visit the Sultaniye Hot Springs and have a quick mud bath? The hot springs and mud are believed to have healing and rejuvenating properties and have been used since ancient times.

Finally, any wildlife enthusiast visiting Dalyan must take a trip to Turtle Beach. Iztuzu Beach is a breeding ground for the endangered and massive loggerhead turtles. Year after year, the females return to this beach to lay their eggs and hatch the next generation. You can also check out the turtle rescue center when visiting the beach.

Top Tips for visiting Dalyan (where applicable)

If you are visiting the mud baths, a change of clothes and some swimming shorts are a must.

A good pair of trainers or walking shoes is a great choice for exploring tombs and archaeological sites.

The best time to cruise Dalyan

The best time to visit Dalyan is from the late spring to the late autumn. However, some visitors come for a bit of winter sun. But the temperature is not as warm as the other months. The hottest and busiest time to visit is from June to August when the weather is hottest, and the place is at its busiest. During those months, you must plan ahead to avoid getting caught up in the crowds. If you want to visit when things are quieter, and the climate is not as hot, then May and September can be ideal times. The cooler weather makes exploring a breeze, especially if you want to take many land excursions. Fortunately, if you're going to experience the turtles at the turtle beach, you can visit virtually any time. The turtle breeding season runs from May 1 through October 1 every year.

Where do Dalyan cruises depart from?

Most Dalyan cruises will set sail from either Gocek or Marmaris. Getting to either location is relatively simple, with two international airports serving the area. Getting to either city is relatively simple, and travelers can fly to Dalaman Airport or Bodrum Airport. Departing from Gocek Dalaman airport is about 3 minutes away, while Bodrum is a much longer two-and-a-half hours away. If you are departing from Marmaris, then Dalaman airport is about 90 minutes away, while Bodrum airport is 2 hours away.

Most travelers arriving from Europe can fly directly to Dalaman Airport, which is closest to both cities or to Bodrum International. For travelers coming from further afield, they will probably have to connect in Istanbul before continuing to either Dalaman or Bodrum airports.

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