Adventure Cruises in Kotor

A Kotor small ship cruise is by far the best way to immerse yourself in the rich history of the town, before returning to the comfort and luxury of your boat at night. The town is famed for its wealth of historic architecture and wonderful seafood cuisine. A vibrant place at night, Kotor's piazzas and narrow cobbled lanes are full of hustle and bustle until the small hours. A small ship cruise is the perfect way to visit this historic town, entering by the sea gate as ancient seafarers once would have.

Rich in history, architecture and culture, Kotor is the perfect stop off to enjoy the traditions, cuisine and unique beauty of Montenegro.

Top things to do and see in Kotor

A small ship cruise to Kotor docks just off one of the richest cultural and historic towns in Montenegro. Within the city walls, Kotor is a perfectly preserved ancient town. Narrow cobbled streets, historic buildings and no cars allowed inside mean you can take a step back in time and experience Montenegro as it once was. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that the old town of Kotor is in fact listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. The town is also home to a number of small and quirky museums which include the Museum of Living History, which re-enacts medieval life in Kotor, and a museum dedicated to the towns well-loved cat population. There is also a piazza particularly dedicated to these same cats, which have lived in the city throughout its history.

A walk around the old town will always start at the magnificent sea gate which faces the port where the small cruise ship docks to visit the town. Visitors must pass through the atmospheric stone gateway in order to enter the old town of Kotor. Once inside, a host of historic buildings awaits, with the Kotor Cathedral towering over the entire town. The ancient cathedral is at the heart of Kotor and is home to some of Kotor's most precious artefacts and several religious relics. It is interesting to note that the cathedral was rebuilt several times due to historic earthquakes.

For those who don't mind a quite serious climb up to the upper part of Kotor, the church of Our Lady of Health is perched on St John's mountain. This is the oldest remaining building in Kotor and dates back to the 6th Century. It has views that are just as breathtaking as the hike up.

Best time to cruise Kotor

Small ship cruises to Kotor are excellent throughout the spring and summer with a warm climate and long sun-soaked days on the water. The main season begins in June and things start to quieten down around the end of September. Taking a cruise to Kotor at either end of the season means slightly cooler days and fewer people to share the sights with. In addition to its rich history, Kotor also hosts numerous festivals throughout the year. The festival season starts off with the Kotor Carnival in February, where the locals don handmade masks and perform plays and concerts in the streets. The celebrations continue throughout the summer with the fiestas of Kotor, filling the churches and concert halls with traditional instrumental music. Fashionistas will find July to be the right time to visit Kotor on a small ship cruise. The fashion festival attracts designers from around Montenegro with all the latest in the country's style on show.

Top tips for visiting Kotor on a cruise

  • Kotor has been preserved as close to its historic form as possible, making for a beautiful immersive experience. This also means steep cobbled streets though, so take sensible footwear for walking around.
  • The mountain behind Kotor offers stunning views of the bay and the town itself. It is a steep climb but well worth the effort.
  • Walking around Kotor, especially the steeper parts of the old town can be hot work so be sure to take plenty of water. If you forget, there are often small street vendors who will sell you small bottles albeit at a higher price.

Where do Kotor cruises depart from?

As this is mainly a port town without an airport, most small ship cruises to Kotor leave and return to Tivat. With an international airport and substantial yacht marina, Tivat is the ideal spot to embark on a small ship cruise in Montenegro. The town is also worth spending a night or two in to visit the beautiful old town and see the millionaires' suave yacht marina.