Liveaboard Diving in Mirror Pond

What to expect On a Mirror Pond Liveaboard

Liveaboard diving at Mirror Pond gives divers access to pristine reefs that belong to the volcanic Russell Islands host a number of amazing dive opportunities including Mirror Pond. Enter a swim through and exit into a scenic pond surrounded by the island itself. There you can explore a shallow reef system interspersed over and among bommies, swarming with a colourful array of fish. Choose to surface and feel quite out of place in scuba gear, listening to tropical birds call across the tangle of the jungle that surrounds you. Solomon Islands liveaboards may visit Mirror Pond as part of a dive trip itinerary.

What You Will See

Diving from a liveaboard down into the cavernous entrance to this site you would not expect to enter a site such as Mirror Pond. Delight in the unique and intricate coral gardens occupied by fish darting in and around the coral points, foraging for food. Long snout Butterflyfish are common and saltwater crocodiles have occasionally been spotted at this iconic site. Outside the entrance to this crystal clear pond, enjoy a wall with giant sea fans. Here you will often find pygmy seahorses swaying in the gentle currents.

Getting To Mirror Pond

Honiara is the capital and primary port of arrival for the Solomon Islands and lies on the northern shore of Guadalcanal Island. All Solomon Islands liveaboard dive expeditions depart from Honiara and the Russell Islands are directly northwest, approximately 48 kilometers from the island itself and approximately 100 km from Honiara. Mirror Pond is found on Mane Island, on the western edge of the Russell Islands. This area can be explored on a 3-day dive cruise or part of a longer liveaboard itinerary.

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