Liveaboard Diving in Vicente

What To Expect On a Vicente Liveaboard

Liveaboards to Vicente will be visiting much of the region known as Jardines De La Reina, or 'Gardens of the Queen', a marine reserve afforded great protection by the Cuban Government, which has resulted in arguably the most pristine reefs and best diving opportunities in not just Cuba, but the whole of the Caribbean. If you are lucky enough to be diving at Vicente in the world famous Caribbean, it's likely that it'll be part of a dive safari on a live aboard trip. Diving is great all year round, with fantastic visibility, warm water, and ideal weather. Vicente Liveaboards normally last for 7 days/6 nights, which is just as well, as there's so much to see underwater. By undertaking a few dives per day, it's possible to experience as much of this as possible.

What You Can See

Vicente is a dive site blessed with a combination of coral reefs and healthy mangroves. The mangroves ensure a balanced ecosystem, which gives the marine life an ability to thrive in this undisturbed, natural environment. Jumping in from a Vicente liveaboard boat, divers will have the pleasure of 40 metre visibility, in waters filled with huge schools of colourful tropical fish, an abundance of sharks, and spectacular coral formations.

The drop offs are epic here, descending deep into the depths, and if you gaze out into the blue it's not uncommon to catch a glimpse of the unique Hammerhead shark. Corals are wonderfully diverse in nature, and include some black coral formations, presenting an opportunity for underwater photography enthusiasts. Vicente Liveaboard divemasters have a wealth of experience in this area and will help point out many interesting creatures which can often be difficult to make out.

Getting To Vicente

The best way to enjoy the beautiful underwater delights of Vicente is via a Cuba liveaboard dive trip. Liveaboard tours that sail to Vicente, will normally be doing so as part of a longer trip incorporating the whole of the Jardines De La Reina marine reserve. As a result divers will be able to enjoy other great sites as well, including Pipin, Farallon, Black Coral I and Black Coral II. The dive boats commonly set off from the port of Jucaro, an approximate 5 hour drive south of the capital Havana. It's possible to arrange transport to the harbour, but it's alot easier to contact the liveaboard operator and ask them to pick you up from Havana which is where you'll likely arrive from overseas. The international airport serves many overseas destinations and very often tourists can fly directly into the capital. The main exception to this is the United States. It's a good idea to bring some foreign currency (Euros, Pound Sterling or Canadian Dollars are the best) and change it at the airport, as ATMs can be a little unreliable, especially outside of Havana.

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